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10 Most Desirable Tech Skills

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Not all skills are created equally when it comes to finding a job in the highest-paying tech fields.

A new survey by leading recruiting firm CyberCoders found that several skills are in high demand in the current job market. Chief among those skills are mobile developers, who are highly sought as a result of the boom of mobile applications on Android and iOS.

In addition to mobile developers, job candidates with experience in cloud computing programming and front-end development skills are also in high demand, the list says. Front-end developers are seeing this demand thanks to increased demand for websites with light code.

"Every day, we see the engineers with these skills getting an average of four to five job offers," said Heidi Golledge, CEO and founder of CyberCoders, which compiled the list. "Companies that provide cutting-edge technology, great salaries and a positive company culture will have a better chance at getting the tech candidates they need to compete in the ever-changing social, data and mobile workplace."

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Workers with skills in UI/UX — user interface and user experience — as well as workers experienced in big data and C# programming language are also in high demand, researchers say. Lastly, CyberCoders found that workers with experience in the Ruby on Rails programming language, Java, PHP scripting language and Linux will also be in demand throughout the rest of the year.  

"A common theme among these technology skills is the need for open source, mobile, cloud or big data technologies, like iOS, Azure and Hadoop," said Matt Miller, chief technology officer of CyberCoders.

The list was based on the responses of more than 10,000 tech companies and hiring requirements.

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