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6 Must-Have Tech Tools for Small Business Marketing

image for NicoElNino / Getty Images
NicoElNino / Getty Images

Even if you have the best product or service in the world, people can't buy it if they don't know it exists. The rise of e-commerce and the internet has lowered barriers to entry for small businesses and startups. You can now create and market a product on a global scale without leaving your living room. But harnessing this power requires the right tools. Here are six great marketing tools for any small business.

Having a great app has become a vital part of business marketing. Appy Pie allows small businesses to build apps without any intensive coding. You can also get custom analytics on usage and build in features like push notifications. Building an app specific for your business can allow you to directly connect with customers and monetize your business experience. Appy Pie offers plans ranging from a free option to $50 per app per month.

In today's world of social media and endless scrolling, eye-popping videos can set your business apart. For a small business owner, it may be difficult to gather the resources and set aside time to shoot and edit video for your brand. With Promo, Slidely offers small businesses an intuitive platform to create high-quality marketing videos. You can choose from a wide variety of video and music clips to start creating your video. Adding text and adjusting the font allows you to further customize your video experience. Promo provides a range of plans, from $49 to $359 per month.

Developing a strong social media presence can lead to more conversions for your business. Hootsuite is a dashboard that allows small businesses to manage their social media presence across multiple platforms. You can schedule posts, track metrics and build a social media strategy with Hootsuite. The company offers multiple plans for small businesses, ranging from $29 to $499 per month.

Google Analytics provides businesses with the tools to track and understand their web traffic. Analyzing data is becoming an increasingly important aspect of small business marketing. The best way to start is by analyzing and understanding basic website metrics. This can give you a better understanding of who your audience is, where your customers are and what kind of content viewers respond to most. Google Analytics is a free service, with various reports and metrics you can use to track your business's website.

Canva is an online design platform where you can create customized logos, newsletters and other content for your business. The template-based program offers small business owners with little design experience a platform to easily create new content. You can drag and drop elements and upload your own images. Canva provides varying plans based on your needs, but you can start with this service for free.

Creating a good marketing strategy means understanding what customers are thinking. Having a handle on how a customer or client thinks allows you to better market your own product or service. Answer the Public is a platform that provides search trends on a variety of topics. It lends insight into what customers are searching and asking online. If you're trying to get a better understanding of some important topics in your industry, Answer the Public is a great place to start. The best part is this service is completely free.