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Real Estate Entrepreneur Builds Southern California Success

entrepreneur Ron McElroy / Credit: Ron McElroy | Real Office Centers

Ron McElroy's business philosophy can be boiled down the belief that you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from. That motto has served McElroy well through the years as he has escaped a life of poverty, alcohol and a challenging home life to become an amateur surfer and a successful commercial real estate entrepreneur. His company Real Office Centers now has several locations throughout Southern California. McElroy, author of "Wrong Side of the Tracks" (Still Standing Publishing 2012), tells BusinessNewsDaily in an email interview how his childhood shaped his life as an entrepreneur and what you can learn from his story.

BusinessNewsDaily: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Ron McElroy: A criminal defense attorney.

BND: What did your parents do for a living?

RM: My mom was a secretary at North American and my dad had his own asphalt paving company.

BND: What's the best part of owning your own business?

RM: I love watching my employees grow and excel especially when they go beyond their own dreams.

BND: What's the biggest mistake you've made as an entrepreneur?

RM: Being afraid to follow my gut instinct and doubting myself.

BND: What was your main motivation in starting Real Office Centers?

RM: To see if I really could evolve the workspace and work environments to be more meaningful to a company's success!

BND: What previous experiences helped you in that journey?

RM: For sure, life’s many hard knocks growing up has taught me giving up has never been an option!

BND: What was the biggest challenge you encountered and how did you overcome it?

RM: My biggest challenges were always myself, whether it was experiencing success and then taking it for granted or not believing I deserved it and squandering it. The psychological dilemma I faced was a challenge. Writing in an emotionally flushing way helped me get over it, though!

BND: What is the best bit of advice you have for other entrepreneurs?

RM: Don't listen to the naysayers, follow your heart, and go after your dream. What is life if you don't?

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