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Fantasy Startup? Which MLB Player Would You Hire?

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You've heard of fantasy baseball? Well, this is a different kind of fantasy team. We asked BusinessNewsDaily readers what Major League Baseball players they'd hire to help their companies hit a home run this year. Just in time for baseball season, here's what they had to say...

Tim Lincecum, starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants— Tim's a young superstar, the kind of player who could star for your business for many years to come. He won the Cy Young Award (top pitcher in the National League) each of his first two seasons. But that's only half of it. During the playoffs last season, when he wasn't pitching well, Tim took a "demotion" to the bullpen in stride, and pitched tremendously, helping the Giants to a World Series title. – Bob Zeitlinger, managing director of B To Z Communications

Mariano Rivera, closer for the New York Yankees— Every baseball team, and every business, needs a good closer, someone who can consistently seal the deal. And there is no more effective closer — and a thoroughly classy one at that — than Mariano Rivera — Andrew Maraniss, partner at McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations

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Yadier Molina, catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals Every business needs somebody to do the dirty work and catcher is the position with the most dirty work. Molina could collect on the delinquent accounts, climb the ladder to install the lights and even clean the refrigerator.— Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services

Derek Jeter, shortstop for the New York Yankees  — He plays at 100 percent from the first inning to the last one. Regardless of the score and regardless of whether his team is winning or losing, his effort and hard work is the same. It pulls the whole team into that same frame of mind. This is the difference between an OK company and an industry leader. — Lauretta Russell, director of communication at BestWork DATA

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Alex Rodriguez, third baseman for the New York Yankees— Rodriguez is the perfect fall guy and every team/company needs one. — Ransley Carpio, managing partner at Veritable Ventures

Others look to the work ethic of players from past generations as examples of what they want in their employees. 

Ernie Banks (retired 1971), first baseman and shortstop for the Chicago Cubs— Banks was not only a superb baseball player, but also radiated a genuine joy for his profession. He was a gracious ambassador not only for the Cubs, but for baseball itself — Ellen Huxtable, owner of Advantage Business Concept

Ernie Banks Credit: Elias H. Debbas II /

Honus Wagner (retired 1917), shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates— According to legend, despite being the most prolific offensive middle infielder of his time, Honus Wagner always worked harder than the next guy as he was "afraid of losing his job to his backup." That kind of appreciation for his job while having a grasp of the responsibility for success and opportunity shows terrific drive, perspective and commitment. — Tony Knopp, CEO and co-founder of Spotlight Ticket Management

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