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Business Idea: Home Staging

new home . / Credit: Sold Home Image via Shutterstock

Did you know that 35 million Americans plan on moving out of their homes this year? That means that millions of houses in the United States will soon be fair game for real estate agents, brokers and — most importantly for budding entrepreneurs — home stagers .

Home staging, or real estate enhancement, is the act of making a home more attractive to potential buyers through interior design, re-organization and de-cluttering. Surveys by the Real Estate Staging Association suggest that homes staged by professionals usually sell within two months or fewer after being listed. Homes that weren't staged prior to going on the market were found to take nearly four times as long to find a buyer.

Sellers like to hire home stagers because of the potential value that the services can add to the selling price of a property. real estate brokers may also wish to employ stagers to increase the value of a sale and help a house move faster.

Starting your own staging business can be as simple as creating a website for your company and building your reputation. There are no licenses or special qualifications needed to begin staging.

However, there are many training programs to help those interested in home staging get started. And it might behoove beginners to get an education on what services they should provide their clients before jumping into the ring.

There is also plenty of information available online for those who wish to learn more about what home staging entails. And as with any business, it would behoove a prospective home stager to do some research on the market in his or her area before writing a business plan. Check out the competition from other home staging businesses as well as the general climate of real estate in your locale.

Home staging businesses are also highly customizable. If you find that the staging market is slow in your area, you can expand your services to include home organizing or design consulting.

The right social media marketing strategy will allow you to advertise your business to the appropriate demographic, build a solid reputation, and better cater to the needs of home owners in your local market.