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Cut the Clutter of Business Cards with CamCard

Cut the Clutter of Business Cards with CamCard
Designing a business card that stands out takes a little thought. / Credit: Business card image via Shutterstock

Keeping track of business cards and contacts just got easier thanks to CamCard, which allows users digitize their rolodex.                                            

CamCard by INTSIG makes it fast and easy to use any mobile device to digitize business cards and save the details instantly to your contacts list. CamCard is the world’s first business card reader that works across all platforms allowing users to scan and save business cards instantly to their contacts list with any smartphone or tablet camera. Now, with new Augmented Reality (AR) Card capability, CamCard helps you make a memorable impression by creating your own, one-of-a-kind multimedia business card complete with graphics, audio or video.

CamCard syncs contacts across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers and the CamCard cloud app, to ensure the latest information is always available from any device. With CamCard 4.0, users can create interactive cards that better demonstrate their personal information, products and company using text, graphics and webpages. Users can add notes and directly connect with contacts from within the card via phone call, SMS or email and browse the contact’s webpage or locate the place of business on a map. AR cards can be shared via email, QR code and SMS, and AR business cards created in CamCard can be read accurately in 200+ languages. CamCard makes it easy to browse recent updates on contacts’ AR cards and find more business opportunities.