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Grow Your Business Technology

CamScanner Turns Your Smartphone into a Scanner

Sometimes carrying around a portable scanner just isn't possible.  Luckily for the times where that is the case there is now an app for that. 

CamScanner 2.0 is the newest version of INTSIG’s intelligent document management app that makes it a snap to scan, save, synchronize and share documents using the built-in camera on any Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet. With its new Cloud Sync feature, CamScanner 2.0 let users capture information they want to keep but also provides a storage solution. Now users can access, edit and share documents in the cloud with changes automatically synced across every device to ensure the latest version is always available and keep collaborators all on the same page. CamScanner instantly converts the document to PDF and saves it to the cloud for quick and easy access anywhere from any device.

The app is designed for anyone who wants to digitize documents to improve efficiency—or simply cut the paper clutter. CamScanner is an ideal, affordable solution for individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and schools. CamScannerhas more than 40 million usersworldwide across all platforms.

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