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Creative Holiday Bonus Ideas


The holiday season is nearly upon us and your employees may be looking to be rewarded for their hard work. But with the economy still in the dumps and bottom lines stretched to the limit, how do you afford to keep your workers happy?

BusinessNewsDaily spoke to several small business owners who offered their own creative ideas on how to let your employees know they are appreciated.

This holiday season exceptional employees companywide will be awarded discretionary cash bonuses. We will also be granting an extra day off for all of our corporate office employees. On that day, we will all meet in the Adirondack Mountains for a tour of the Wild Center Museum, as well as a day of skiing.
— Danielle Marquis, smartwattenergyinc.com

I'm rewarding my wonderful staff with gift certificates to a local retail clothing store and spa packages. A gift basket of spa goodies (scented candles, lotions, (3) one-hour massages, etc.), which I'll present to each of them at our holiday brunch next month.
— Suzanne Meyer, thewelcomecommittee.net

We cash-bonus full-time staff — $200 each holiday season and $100 for part time. We feel strongly that our employees have given to us all year long and the holiday is a time for us to give to them.
— Amelia Jeffers, garths.com

We have a unique holiday bonus we do in addition to traditional cash bonus and paid time off. We do a pyramid of prizes. I personally purchase enough items so each person on staff will receive one. We make a big display wherever we are having our company Christmas dinner and then play games of chance to see who gets to choose first.
— Nancy Bogart, jordanessentials.com

My company, Discover Mandarin, offers one-on-one Chinese lessons online with teachers live from Beijing. Because the Chinese don’t celebrate Christmas, I always give my holiday bonus at Chinese New Year, in keeping with the local custom. I’m planning on giving cash bonuses as well as some special, more personal gifts from the U.S. that my teachers wouldn’t be able to buy in China.
— Corinne Dillon, DiscoverMandarin.com, Beijing, China

I will be rewarding my team with an outing (called a junket) in Napa Valley. We will take the day off from work on a Friday and spend the night. The junket will include the hotel stay (at a luxury property), spa treatments and dinner at a nice restaurant.
— Bibby Gignilliat, partiesthatcook.com

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