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Defining Leadership: 8 Ways to Be a Great Leader

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Ask any number of entrepreneurs, business owners or other leaders in the business community to define leadership and you're likely to get a different answer from each person.  Therein lies part of the problem when it comes to leadership — or more specifically, defining leadership. To help, BusinessNewsDaily compiled a list of definitions from different leaders in the business community asking how they define leadership.  

As Dr. John Maxwell, the most published author on Leadership says… 'Leadership is Influence!'– Ken Courtright, founder of Today's Growth Consultant

Leadership is expecting as much of your workers as they are capable of, but never of more than you are yourself. It is never asking someone to do something you haven't done yourself, or aren't perfectly willing to do again. Lastly, leadership is understanding that your workers have different ideas and being able to flex to incorporate their ideas in the plan. — Jonathan Hines, director of sales and marketing at PILLO1

We are all leaders — by choice or by default — so the question is not so much "are you a leader?" as "how well do you lead?" Effective leaders are, first and foremost, self-aware and conscious of how they impact the people within their sphere of influence. A leader must be vulnerable enough to have an authentic connection to others, charismatic enough to engage others and humble enough to realize that true leadership involves being of service to others.— Jeannea Spence, leadership coach at indiSPENCEable Coaching

Leadership is a way for talented individuals to share their perspectives and knowledge by influencing others. Using their own charisma and influence, leaders should have the ability to inspire others to learn more, do more and become more. Jeet Banerjee, a serial entrepreneur 

Leadership is an attitude. Management is a position. In the same way that service is an attitude and customer service  is a department. It is a state of being — a way to approach life.— Kevin Burns, president and CEO of BGi Consultants

Leadership is about values and priorities. A leader's values are measured by how they act, not by what they say. And a true leader will communicate priorities that match the values he or she espouses. — Greg Marcus, author of "Busting Your Corporate Idol: How To Reconnect With Values & Regain Control Of Your Life"

A leader knows how to keep perspective of the big picture, understand priorities, and perceive context. They are fearless, cynical and cannot be afraid to act on instinct. They are clear in his goals and an excellent communicator. — RJ Díaz, CEO and creative director at Industry Portage Co

Leadership is getting people to do what everyone else knows is the right thing to do, but who do not have the self-confidence to act on their own! — Kevin Gazzara, senior partner Magna Leadership Solutions

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