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Candy Vitamins on the Way From Israeli Company

sweets, candy Credit: Candy image via Shutterstock

A spoon full of sugar really does help the medicine go down, or at least that’s what one candy company hopes. A candy company in Israel is sweetening the healthy lifestyle trend with a new line of vitamin-fortified treats.

Weight-management wafer bars, bone-health chocolate coins and immune-health toffee chews are just some of the ideas in development at Carmit Candy Industries in Tel Aviv. The candy manufacturing company recently announced that its new line is a direct response to a dearth of creative vitamin and health supplements options.

“Consumers have ‘tablet-tiredness,’ and are looking for something that they can enjoy that will provide a health benefit,” said Adrian Sagman, a representative of Carmit Candy, in an email interview with BusinessNewsDaily.

Carmit’s latest foray into fortified confections is a good example of how companies can adapt to shifts in consumer demands. And this particular company has been successful partially because they’ve stayed in front of big market trends.

For example, the company starting manufacturing wheat-free candy more than a decade ago, long before gluten-free foods were fashionable.

“By further expanding into [the fortified confectionery] market, we are positioning ourselves as the go-to company for specialty, or healthy, candy,” Sagman said.

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