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Tired of watching from afar as spoiled celebrities have all the fun this awards season? If so, then it’s time to get off the couch and join in the festivities. The Oscars are this Sunday (Feb. 24), and you can commemorate them in style by hosting your very own Oscar-themed party.

Here are 10 businesses that can help you win the award for best Oscar party ever:

Roll out the red carpet

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On Oscar night, you want your guests to feel important from their head right down to their polished toes. So why not invest in some red carpet to help your friends make their grand entrances in style? The Red Carpet Runner Store specializes in delivering the very best in glamorous floor coverings right to your door. And the online retailer claims to be the go-to business for many of Hollywood’s major awards shows.

Put on some bling

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Now that you’ve taken care of what’s beneath your guests’ feet, you can focus on what’s atop their heads. Treat your friends like Hollywood royalty by providing them with their very own tiaras. No need to get too fancy. Take a page from the preschool set and stick with sequined princess tiara headbands. sells tiaras for just $2.99 apiece. Now everyone can look like a million bucks at your party without emptying the royal coffers.

Get all dressed up

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And in keeping with the tradition of living large without breaking the bank, you may want to provide your guests with a wardrobe upgrade care of Tuxedo T-Shirts. The online retailer offers discounts when you order their fancy, yet practical, T-shirts in bulk, so all your guests will look classy while remaining comfortable.

Put pets in the spotlight

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And the award for best dressed pet goes to ... the Chihuahua in the sequined gown! Don’t forget to invite Fido and Felix to your black-tie event. You can get your pet ready for stardom with evening wear from the Pampered Pets Catalog. Whether your furry friend is a little black dress kind of gal or a coat and tails sort of fellow, this company has you covered.

Strike a pose

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Now that everyone’s all dressed up, it’s time to snap some pictures. But there’s no need to bring in the paparazzi. Let guests design their own photo ops with Sparkbooth, a software program you can download straight from the Web. With nothing more than a computer and a webcam, this program will have your guests looking picture-perfect in every frame. And your friends will have a blast creating memories they can take with them.

Make every guest a winner

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Of course, no Oscar party would be complete without the little gold men that are the event’s signature token. But before you invest in a gold mine, consider purchasing a few of these chocolate Oscars from the handmade chocolate shop Once Upon a Chocolate. They’re a delicious way to reward your guests for correctly guessing which stars win each category.

Paint it gold

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If you’re looking to win the award for best baker at your Oscar soiree, you might want to consider glitzing things up a bit with some edible spray paint from pastry chef Duff Goldman. The Food Network star’s line of baking products lets you create your own culinary masterpieces. So go ahead and bake up something tasty for your guests, and then make it glamorous with Duff’s metallic gold Cake Graffiti. It’ll be a treat your friends are not likely to forget.

Don’t forget the popcorn!

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What movie-lover’s fête would be complete without that buttery staple of cinema cuisine? If you really want to impress your guests, order up a batch of G.H. Cretors all-natural popped corn. The company, which is nearly 130 years old, uses all natural, non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients, so you and your guests can snack, starlet style.

Pop some bubbly

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Looking for something to wash down all that savory popcorn? Why not indulge your guests by giving them each a bottle of champagne? Of course, you don’t want your guests imbibing too much before driving home, so gift tiny bottles of bubbly by Korbel. The company offers favor-sized bottles of their Brut, Extra-Dry, and Sweet Cuvée varieties.

And the winner is ...

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Let your friends know just how special they are by giving out awards to each and every one of them. Ask your fellow revelers to help nominate one another for awards like “Best Dressed,” “Most Dramatic” and “Best Hair and Makeup,” and then deliver the accolades in a signature gold envelope. The Paper Mill Store has beautiful metallic envelopes and everything else you’ll need to make your Oscar prizes worthy of their glamorous recipients.