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Cool Tech Tools Climb Corporate Ladder

The IT department no longer has a stranglehold on all the cool tech tools . / Credit: Employee scaling corporate wall image via Shutterstock

The last time the coolest tool on the block was issued by a corporate IT department was back when BlackBerry still had some street cred and you could get a knowing nod from fellow users by referring to your device as a "CrackBerry."  Research in Motion's time in the sun has set, and the IT department no longer has a stranglehold on all the cool tech tools, industry experts say.

Nobody who has tracked the tech industry in recent history was surprised that Apple's iPads and iPhones were the vanguards of the bring-your own-device trend, Tom Kaneshige recently wrote for Since the resurrection of the company and its technology under Steve Jobs, Apple was technology's epitome of cool.

In a recent posting, Keneshige updated his followers on the latest BYOD encroachments on corporate turf. Although Apple is rapidly losing dominance to Android-powered devices and others, it still stands as the poster child for a successful rear-guard action against IT.

According  to TrackVia, an online platform that helps users create applications, 80 percent of employees use personal technology for business use and 53 percent of organizations officially condone BYOD.

Over half of companies with a BYOD program require that devices either be preapproved or have preapproved security software installed.

More than half (63 percent) of respondents believe BYOD programs positively influence the employees' view of the company and 40 percent of employees consider the ability to use personal devices at work very important.

The view at the top is equally enthusiastic, Keneshige reports. More than half of executives (51 percent) believe BYOD enhances employee creativity and nearly as many (47 percent) believe it increases productivity.

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