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Lesson from Robin Hood: Target Your Audience

Robin Hood may have robbed the rich to help the poor, but he’s left his loyal consumers a little disappointed. The moral of the story for marketers? Give consumers what they want.

It seems that when researchers studied the “brand identity ” of the city of Nottingham, England, nearly one out of every three people instantly associated the city with the celebrated outlaw.

In spite of this, the famous city has ditched Robin Hood him from its branding in a logo redesign that cost the city more than £100,000.

"What we have in the case of Robin Hood is a brand without a product. We should recognize that Robin's name is known worldwide. Everyone is aware of the basic story and at least some of the characters and locations involved,” said Anita Fernandez Young, a researcher at Nottingham University Business School.

The study found that while tourists enjoyed their visit to modern Nottingham, which has worked hard to move away from it's old-fashioned image, many were disappointed that it didn’t live up to the Robin Hood “brand” they had expected.

The lessons to marketers of any product? If it ain’t broke…