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The Benefits of Working on Commission

It takes the right stuff to attract sales reps with the right stuff . / Credit: Handshake concluding sale image via Shutterstock

Commissioned sales reps are the highfliers of the sales world. The right team of commissioned reps can help companies take sales to the next level. But good reps know that and factor it into the decisions they make about the companies they work for.

It takes more than just offering a sky-highway commission schedule to attract the best and the brightest with the discipline, passion and drive to succeed. It takes the right stuff to attract sales reps with the right stuff.

Combined Insurance, an insurance company that lives or dies on the success of its more than 1,300 commissioned sales people throughout the U.S., understands the importance of providing commissioned sales associates with the foundation to achieve success.

When sales professionals are considering a commissioned sales position, they will be well-served by looking for a total benefits package similar to the one offered by Combined to its commissioned sales people.

Guaranteed income — Starting a commissioned sales position is hard enough when you are unsure how much your commission checks will be. Look for a company that will supplement new sales agents’ income to help them get started and build a customer base.

Comprehensive training and support A good company will offer both initial and on-going training. Training emphasis should be on customer-centric, needs-based selling that focuses on both products and proven selling methods. Look for paid, or at least free, training. A company that is willing to invest in training is more likely to understand the value of its sales force.

Sales tools — Product and benefit marketing and sales materials can be important aids in helping to make the sale. The company you choose should have them readily available and at no cost to you.

Free leads — Customer leads can be an important aid for sales people. Many companies provide leads, but for a fee. Select a company that offers cost-free leads to help reduce financial output concerns.

Success recognition — Incentive and bonus programs are important selling motivators. Some companies offer these types of programs starting right after training.

Employee status — Most commissioned sales positions are offered under independent contractor status. But a handful of companies offer full-time employee status with benefits, such as medical insurance and access to 401(k) plans. Some even offer benefits that start on the first day.

Career development and advancement — A defined career path that includes training and development opportunities can help turn a sales job into a satisfying career. Some companies offer multiple career paths, which can be a good option if career focus should change.

Job portability — Ask your potential employer if the job is portable. Some national companies enable you to take the job with you if you move.

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Ned Smith

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