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Improve Training with Mobile Solutions

Sameer Bhatia is the Founder of ProProfs.com, a provider of online training software.

Mobile learning is one of the most important trends in the training and development field, and for good reason: For the first time ever, the number of smartphones now exceeds the number of people on the planet. By 2016, there will be a total of 10 billion smartphones in use worldwide, and by the end of 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to access the web.

Today’s highly mobile workforce is well represented on the web, with about 75 percent of employees active online. Forward-thinking employers can leverage this trend to improve employee skill levels, encourage collaboration and address global training needs. Here are five benefits to creating a mobile learning strategy.

Mobile training helps companies stay competitive in an increasingly complex, global business environment. Information is the new currency in today’s competitive global business setting. A mobile learning solution provides an edge, and giving learners access to training in multiple locations via mobile devices eliminates travel expenses and scheduling issues.

Mobile training enables centralized quality control for your learning program. A mobile learning program allows companies to centralize instruction materials, ensuring access to quality content at every location and providing continuity as staff changes. This is particularly important for companies operating in a global environment or for businesses with high turnover.

Anytime, anywhere mobile learning gets new hires and current staff up to speed quickly. With a mobile training program, your employees can learn while waiting in line at the bank, take tests while commuting to work and explore new modules when the inspiration strikes. Mobile training is the ultimate individualized learning program.

Mobile learning programs deliver better results through self-paced training. Every employee has a unique learning style. Some are capable of quickly consuming and retaining new content, while others need more time. Mobile learning accommodates a wide variety of individual requirements, providing employees a way to learn on their own schedule while giving organizations the power to set and enforce program deadlines.

Mobile learning can improve employee interaction and build confidence. Traditional classroom settings can be intimidating for many employees. Mobile training encourages staff to interact since many — particularly younger employees — are more comfortable communicating online. A mobile training program can spark discussions between groups that are geographically separated and focus employees on common goals.

These are five major advantages a mobile training strategy can deliver, but there are many more, including time and cost savings and an ability to change content on the fly as business needs evolve. No matter what industry you’re in, if you have training needs, it makes sense to start developing a mobile training program to make sure your company is prepared as on-the-go learning becomes the norm.

As you evaluate your options, look for a partner who can help you deliver mobile learning content across multiple platforms and devices. Make sure you access an affordable, flexible option. By following these guidelines, you can put an effective mobile training strategy in place — and give your business a distinct competitive advantage.

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