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Behind the Business Plan: Laguna Oaks Golf Course

. Laguna Oaks Golf Course / Credit: Laguna Oaks Golf Course

Over the past 50 years Fred Langford has put his skills to good use by designing and building waterslides across the country and as far away as Tokyo and Hong Kong. More recently Langford has used his skills to design and build the Laguna Oaks Par-3 Golf Course. BusinessNewsDaily spoke with Langford about building the golf course, how he was able to finance the venture and what advice he has for other entrepreneurs.

BusinessNewsDaily: How long have you been in business?

Fred Langford: I have been an architect and builder for the past 50 years. From 2002 until 2008 I designed and constructed a 10-hole Par 3 golf course in the town of Cape May Court House, N.J. I have been operating as the president of Laguna Oaks since it opened in 2008.

BND: Did you have a formal business plan or did your business just evolve naturally?

F.L.: I did not have a formal plan and the business really evolved naturally.

BND: How close has your business stayed to what you originally envisioned it to be?

F.L.: The business has stayed very close to the original vision despite the tough economic situation.

BND: How did you finance the business at the beginning or at any time you were in business?

F.L.: I financed the $4.1 million project in a number of ways. I sold one and two acre home sites at the property. Those homes surround the golf course. I also received bank financing for the rest of my financing needs.

BND: If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently when starting your business?

F.L.: I wouldn't change anything about the way that I started my business.

BND: What's your best advice for someone with a great business idea who wants to give it a shot?

F.L.: Keep the business plan at the top of the list and don’t lose sight of it. Also be sure to work hard for everything.

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