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How Your Small Business Can Afford Big Media Advertising

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Small businesses looking to reach a big audience with their advertisements don’t necessarily need a big budget. Thanks to Adblade, a self-service advertising platform, small businesses can have their advertisements featured on sites like Yahoo, Fox News and AOL for as little as $50

The 4-and-a-half-year-old company reaches more than 150 million unique users a month through distribution channels that include more than 450 outlets. Advertisements combine a small picture with a title and description.

Using Adblade , small businesses can target their advertising to very specific locales.

"You can get your ad targeted to a specific area on hundreds of major news websites in the United States targeted to just users in that area," said Jon Carmen, senior vice president of operations of Adiant, parent company of Adblade. "Small businesses are very price conscious and willing to test lots of things, but they are not willing to put up $5,000 to just test things. If they test it and it works, they will continue, but what we do is break down that barrier to entry and give them that opportunity."

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That “opportunity” means small businesses can target customers based on ZIP codes or a designated market area. The service also helps businesses improve their ads.

"Adblade approves all ads," Carmen said. "If we see advertisers doing something that will hurt their campaign, such as a common mistake or a bad image, we will reach out to the business and give tips and advice to help them."

In addition, Adblade tracks the effectiveness and return on investment of ads. Advertisers can measure effectiveness through impressions, clicks, click-through rates and conversions of customers from their ads. Through Adblade, advertisers can also retarget their ads to more effectively track customers after users have left the site. Carmen says that the combination of all those features leads to advertising success.

"We say that it is about large reach, premium distribution and large ad units," Carmen said. "The combo of the three leads to success."

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