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The Best Video Spokesperson Services

Business owners knows a website sometimes needs a bit of personal touch. To help with that, video spokesperson services provide a business' website with a real person who can speak to a company's customers and introduce them to key features that need to be highlighted.  The services offer businesses a host of actors and actresses to serve as a potential spokesperson. Most video spokesperson services use a studio with a green screen and then digitally erase the green background afterward in order to place the spokesperson on the website. The best videos have clean and sharp borders that seamlessly integrate into the website. In addition, the top services use proper recording equipment in a well-built studio to give a rich and lifelike voice to the spokesperson. Some video spokesperson services also offer professional banner or YouTube videos.

#1 Laser Stream Video

Laser Stream Video took home this year's TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for its high-quality video and audio, as well as a wide range of actors and language options. The video spokespeople they provide blend seamlessly onto each site. The edges of the borderless spokesperson are smooth and clean, and the actors are well lit. The voices have a warm, rich quality that makes them feel like they're talking directly from your page instead of from a big, empty studio. Live Stream Video also earns high praise for offering full customization and a dedicated support staff.

Browsing Features: Laser Stream Video has more than 100 actors to choose from. After choosing a gender, they can be further refined by selecting a different language or ethnicity. Laser Stream Video offers a wide variety of language options, including Spanish, French, German and Japanese, as well as less-common languages such as Bulgarian, Norwegian and Urdu. Laser Stream Video also offers an onsite preview that lets business owners see exactly what the video spokesperson looks like on their website.

Player Options: Once the video is finished, Laser Stream Video sends business owners their video spokesperson in a flash file along with an installation manual. No web programming background is required to install on the website. The spokesperson will work on any computer, laptop and some mobile devices. The player can also be customized to include such things as a pause, stop and mute buttons.


#2 Website Talking Heads

Website Talking Heads scores well for its excellent customersupport, ease of use and high-quality videos. The service films its actors in front of a green screen and then digitally erases the background so the spokesperson can seamlessly fit into the website. Website Talking Headsoffers consultation before, during and after the ordering process. Their personal contact and availability makes them stand out among the competition.

Browsing Features: Website Talking Heads offers a wide variety of male and female talent. Business owners can click on each actor to hear a brief background of their work and more information about themselves.  Users can see what a video spokesperson from Website Talking Heads looks like on their website by simply entering their URL on the home page. The service also offers multi-lingual actors, as well as a multi-lingual player. The video will play in whatever default language is selected, with a button to switch to the secondary language.

Player Options: The Website Talking Heads video player is fully customizable. The service also offers an elevated form of interactivity in which the video spokesperson can walk across the screen, jump to another area of the page or add emphasis to certain areas of the site.


#3 Your Website Spokesperson

Your Website Spokesperson earned this year's TopTenREVIEW'S Bronze Award for having an easy-to-use interface and straightforward ordering process. The service has streamlined its site and made it simple to customize an order to fit each website's needs. It also offers a simple pricing structure and a fully customizable player. The service offers top-notch customer service by working with each customer until they get the finished product they want.

Browsing Features: Your Website Spokesperson offers a wide range of actors. Business owners can click on the "View Demo" button of any actor to see a quick introductory video. While the service does not offer bilingual options upfront, they can be specially requested during the ordering process.

Player Options: The video player can be customized to fit each site's needs. There are more than 20 parameters that can be adjusted, allowing users to determine the position of the video and how the video plays on the site. The spokesperson can also be an interactive part of the page, pointing to certain parts of the site or inviting visitors to click on them to be taken to another area.

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