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Does Your Company Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

politics-business-art-02 Jenvejvoda | Dreamstime.com

Companies driven by entrepreneurial thinkers are thriving during the recession, according to a professor at Babson College who has identified 15 key attributes that determine whether a firm has an entrepreneurial spirit.

Organizations focused on entrepreneurial culture)), organic growth, and aligned compensation trump CONLINK|135|corporate bureaucracy on a regular basis, according to Joel Shulman and faculty researchers at Babson College.

The 15 attributes that define entrepreneurial from non-entrepreneurial companies are:

  • Organic growth opportunities
  • Above average ownership stake among key stakeholders
  • Low SG&A (Selling, General and Administrative Expenses)
  • Above average return on invested capital
  • Sustainable growth
  • Manageable debt
  • Active strategic alliances/partnerships/licensing
  • Aligned executive compensation packages
  • Low executive turnover
  • Transparent governance
  • Long duration of key managers
  • Low or no dividends
  • Family involvement
  • High EBITDA Margin Percentage
  • Other significant stakeholder relationships



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