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Employees to Co-Workers: Put Down the Nail Clipper

coworkers . / Credit: Annoying Worker Image via Shutterstock

Workers who clip their nails are not making many friends around the office. In fact, almost half of all workers said that clipping your nails at work was the most offensive office behavior, a new study found.   

Workers, however, were also offended by several other behaviors at work.  Notably, 43 percent of workers said co-workers who take their shoes off at work offend them.  An additional 27 percent said that workers who wear outfits that show off tattoos and workers who brush their hair or put on makeup at work most offended them. 

Workers were also offended by much more than the above behaviors. More than 70 percent of workers said that co-workers who wore ripped jeans to work were inappropriate and offensive.  Other fashion faux pas at the office, respondents said,  included wearing flip-flops, strapless dresses or tops and backless dresses. More than 70 percent of workers deemed each of those outfits inappropriate attire for work

Even more common wardrobe choices drew the ire of some respondents.  Workers who wore hoodies (65 percent), shorts (59 percent), leggings (49 percent) and jeans with a blazer (23 percent) were also considered inappropriate for work, the research found.

[Memo to the IT Guy: Lose the Hoodie]

The information in this research was based on the responses of 1,010 Americans. The research was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation on for Adecco.

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