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5 Ways Small Business Can Attract Big Talent

5 Ways Small Business Can Attract Big Talent Credit: Hiring sign image via Shutterstock

Want to lure in top talent but can't afford luxurious employee perks like Google and Apple? Small businesses don't necessarily need to offer big benefits packages to attract top quality candidates.

Manlio Carrelli, CEOof KeKu, a company that connects people around the world with its calling technology and simple mobile apps, offers five tips on how small businesses can attract big talent.

Leverage public relations. People seek out ways to quickly make decisions. Getting mentions in respected publications will give a company instant credibility. You might even get candidates approaching you. The allure of something in the media is always priceless.

Work your network. Potential job candidates also trust their friends, and friends of friends. So get word out to your network, and you just might come up with some applicants.

 Engage social media for hiring. LinkedIn has become a great resource for small business. Not only can you post jobs, but candidates can quickly see that you are a real company, and put faces to the team. In addition, looking at candidate profiles is a great way to help screen them.

Offer up the CEO. In a big company it's hard to get access to the CEO, who is often stuck in a silo, and you don't get much cross-functional exposure or an understanding of the business side. Small businesses offer visibility and exposure to top leadership, providing mentorship and development opportunities.

Culture. Enough can't be said about working within a great culture. Enjoying your working day is the biggest perk anyone could have.

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