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Build Your Career Work-Life Balance

8 Free Apps for Achieving Work-Life Balance

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skyNext / Getty Images

Technology places power at our fingertips, offering an entire world in a simple device. While these gadgets can be distracting, when used appropriately, they can also help you take control of your time and prioritize what matters.

It's important to maintain a healthy balance between our work and our personal lives. Take advantage of technology and check out these eight free apps that ease your busy mind.

Cozi is a digital planner that includes various sections, like a calendar, recipes, grocery lists and more. All your information is stored and organized so it's easy to access. You can even link your phone's contacts and calendar to transfer information, and share your lists, events and chores with your family.

Available for iOS and Android

Odds are, you have more apps than you can manage. With IFTTT, you can merge multiple apps into one. For instance, sync your weather app and Facebook messenger, and you'll get a message reminding you to grab your umbrella. Sync your Instagram and Pinterest so your photos automatically post to a particular board. The possibilities are endless – much like your to-do list. Save some time with IFTT.

Available for iOS and Android

We all have goals we want to achieve, but feel we have no time for. With Strides, you can prioritize these aspirations to get where you want to be. The app will send reminders to keep you on track, and keep tabs on your progress to motivate you. You're never too busy to pursue a dream.

Available for iOS only

Many people live with chronic illnesses. Remembering to take prescriptions, call for refills and schedule appointments can feel overwhelming. However, with MedHelper, you can store all your information in one place; and you'll be alerted when it's time to take a pill or go to an appointment. You'll also be provided with a list of possible side effects from pills, and what to avoid or eat/drink with them. You deserve to feel at ease – let MedHelper be there for you.

Available for iOS and Android

Achieving work-life balance is easier when the mind and body are both relaxed. But fitting in time each day to take a yoga class isn't always doable. The Simply Yoga app lets busy professionals squeeze in a 20-, 40- or 60-minute workout wherever they are. The app walks users through more than 60 poses, each demonstrated by a certified personal trainer. Simply Yoga also includes options for creating custom routines. 

Available for iOS and Android

Part of having a successful work-life balance is breaking away from the office now and then. However, sometimes work just needs to get done. The Splashtop Remote Desktop gives users access to all their PC or Mac files and programs from their smartphone or tablet. The app can stream video and audio from users' PCs or Macs, allowing them to interact with their PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Firefox, Safari, "World of Warcraft" files and other PC and Mac applications. The app gives busy professionals the freedom to get work done from places other than their office. 

Available for Android

The Instapaper app gives you a bookmark that lets you save articles and web pages you want to read, but don't have time for. When you do find some free time on your commute home or while waiting in line at the store, you can access the app and start reading what you saved. The app makes articles less cumbersome to read by saving them in a text-only format and stripping away the full-size layout, optimizing the content for smartphone and tablet screens. Everything saved is also available offline, giving users the ability to read the articles even when they're not connected to Wi-Fi. 

Available for iOS and Android

Money, or lack-thereof, is often a source of anxiety for many. To relieve some of your worries about expenses, use Intuit's Mint app to keep track of your finances and check your credit score for free. Link your accounts and cards so it can track how much you're spending and what you're spending it on. Mint will help you become more aware of your financial habits and offer personal recommendations on how to save more. 

Available for iOS and Android

Additional reporting by Chad Brooks.