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Technology is both a luxury and a curse. While it's convenient to connect with others across the world on multiple platforms at any time, people often become so engrossed in work that it leads to burnout.

However, that same technology also provides us with platforms that promote a healthy balance between our work and our personal lives. Here are a few great (and free!) apps for achieving work-life balance.


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There's much to be happy about, and with the Happier app, you can celebrate gratitude with those around you. Learn how to appreciate life's simplicities through free courses that promote health and joy. You can also share "moments" that make your heart full, the way you share photos on Instagram, and "smile" at others' posts. The app creates a community of positivity that will ease a bad commute and treat the effects of a stressful work day. Available for "iOS and < a href="">Android

Simply Yoga

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Achieving work-life balance is easier when the mind and body are both relaxed. But fitting in time each day to take in a yoga class isn't always doable.

Achieving work-life balance is easier when the mind and body are both relaxed. But fitting in time each day to take a yoga class isn't always doable. The Simply Yoga app lets busy employees squeeze in a 20-, 40- or 60-minute workout wherever they are. The app walks users through more than 60 poses, each demonstrated by a certified personal trainer. Simply Yoga also includes options for creating custom routines.

Available for iOS and Android Platform: Available for Apple and Android devices

Splashtop Remote Desktop

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Part of having a successful work-life balance is breaking away from the office now and then. However, sometimes work just needs to get done. The Splashtop Remote Desktop gives users access to all their PC or Mac files and programs from their smartphone or tablet. The app is able to stream video and audio from users' PCs or Macs, allowing them to interact with their PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Firefox, Safari, "World of Warcraft" files and other PC and MAC applications. The app gives busy employees the freedom to get work done from places other than their office.

Available for iOS and Android Platform: Available on Apple and Android devices

Starbucks App

Starbucks App
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Sometimes it's mixing in a few of life's simple pleasures that give stressed-out employees a sense of work-life balance. For many, those pleasures come in the form of a hot (or cold) cup of coffee. With the Starbucks app, you can find the store location nearest to you, wherever you happen to be. You can also place and pay for your order ahead of time via the app so you don't waste your break waiting in line.

Available for iOS and Android


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A critical step toward balancing work and life is setting aside time for each. Toggl's time tracker app is an easy-to-use timer for diligent workers to ensure they aren't running over their allotted time for working on a project or shopping at the mall. Simply sign up for a free account and start tracking. Toggl syncs to the cloud so you can track and view your time logs across multiple devices and platforms.

Available for iOS and Android Platforms: Available on both Apple and Android devices

Price: The app is free on Android phones and 99 cents for Apple devices.


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The Instapaper app gives you a bookmark that lets you save articles and web pages you want to read, but don't have time for. When you do snare some free time on your commute home or while waiting in line at the bank, you can access the app and start reading what you saved. The app makes articles less cumbersome to read by saving them in a text-only format and stripping away the full-size layout to optimize for smartphone and tablet screens. Everything saved is also available offline, giving users the ability to read the articles even when they're not connected to Wi-Fi.

Available for iOS and Android


Mint money apps
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Money, or lack-thereof, is often a source of anxiety for many. To relieve some tension from worrying over expenses, use the Mint app to keep track of your finances and check your credit score for free. Link your accounts and cards so it can track how much you're spending and what you're spending it on. Mint will help you become more aware of your financial habits and offer personal recommendations on how to save more.

Available for iOS and Android

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