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25 Hilarious (And Real) Excuses to Get Out of Work

worker excuses . / Credit: Excuse Image via Shutterstock

Workers will say most anything to get out of going into work, new research has found. Employees showed that their creativity in crafting excuses that went far beyond simply calling out sick for the day, the study showed. 

 Here are some of the most creative excuses in the survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Citrix:

[Employees' Most Outrageous 'Late' Excuses]

  1. "I’m dieting"
  2. "I drank too much Sunkist and was too tired to come in"
  3. "My numerologist told me not to come in"
  4. "All my clothes are in the washer right now, I have nothing to wear"
  5. "Stumbled on the love of my life"
  6. "It’s cloudy outside"
  7. "My cat hid my car keys"
  8. "My cat ate my tie"
  9. "Need a break"
  10. "I hit a turtle crossing the road and had to take it to the vet"
  11. "I have an attitude"
  12. "Snow is too good, have to ski"
  13. "Ran out of clean underwear"
  14. "Gas is too expensive"
  15. "My kid forgot to wear shoes"
  16. "Allergic to office"
  17. "I couldn't put my work shoes on because my feet were too swollen"
  18. "The wife ate my check"
  19. "I had to see where my gardener was really planting everything that I wanted and paid for"
  20. "Feeling very boo-boo"
  21. "My work clothes were at the cleaners"
  22. "The baby swallowed the car key"
  23. "It is a holiday in my country"
  24. "Dog sprayed by a skunk" 
  25. "It’s Elvis’ birthday" 

These excuses were based on the responses of 1,013 workers over age 18. 

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