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Grow Your Business Social Media

5 Steps to Improve Customer Engagement on Social Media

customer engagment . / Credit: Social Media Image via Shutterstock

If keeping up with the social media platform of the moment is a challenge for businesses, using those platforms in a positive way can seem impossible.  QuestBack, a global leader specializing in enterprise feedback management, customer experience management and social customer relationship management, is trying to debunk that notion.  According to QuestBack, organizations are just five simple steps away from maximizing their social media efforts and redefining relationships with customers. These steps include:

  • Go where your customers go — "Identify and use social media platforms that are relevant to your customers. Whether it's Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or elsewhere, people want to interact in environments where they feel comfortable."
  • Strike the right balance  "Provide content that is relevant to your target audience on a consistent basis. Evaluate what social channels your brand is using and how often new content is posted — if you are posting less than three times a week consider the importance of this channel to your brand and whether your efforts would be better spent cultivating another channel."
  • Maintain regular engagement  "The number of fans or followers a brand possesses is no longer the social media benchmark for success. Customers want to see more than the latest press release or company blog post. Engage with your communities and demonstrate genuine interest in their feedback."

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  • Find your brand evangelists — "Enthusiastic and influential customers are among the most valuable and can become highly credible in not only promoting your brand, but understanding how it is perceived by the public. Nourishing this community through engagement can lead to stronger customer relationships and lead to successful launches in the marketplace."
  • Around the world in 80 tweets  "If you are targeting a global audience, leverage your employee knowledge to provide localized content that will resonate with local audiences."  

QuestBack has worked with such brands as Volvo, Coca-Cola and Microsoft. 

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