Popular Toys

popular toys
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From Mr. Potato Head to the Nintendo Wii, toys have certainly changed quite a bit in the past 60 years. One thing that has not changed, though, is the ability that a toy has to turn into an American icon. With the help of Patricia Hogan, curator at the Strong, which operates the National Museum of Play; International Center for the History of Electronic Games; National Toy Hall of Fame; Brian Sutton-Smith Library and Archives of Play American Journal of Play, BusinessNewsDaily has come up with a list of the most popular toys introduced over the past six decades. See if these don’t conjure up some childhood memories.


popular toys
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Mr. Potato Head (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Wiffle ball

Matchbox cars

Play-Doh (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Tonka trucks (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Frisbee (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Barbie doll (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Hula Hoop (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Skateboard (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

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popular toys
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Etch A Sketch (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Game of Life board game (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Easy Bake Oven (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

G.I. Joe action figure (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Hot Wheels vehicles (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Twister game

LEGO blocks (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Operation board game

Slip 'n Slide


popular toys
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Odyssey game system

Baby Alive

Dungeons & Dragons

Star Wars action figures

UNO card game

Simon electronic memory game


popular toys
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Nintendo Entertainment System

Cabbage Patch Kids doll

Transformer figures

Koosh ball

Game Boy handheld game system (Toy Hall of Fame Inductee)

Trivial Pursuit board game

Jenga game

My Little Pony figures and play sets

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popular toys
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Beanie Babies

Tickle Me Elmo

Bratz dolls

Leapfrog LeapPad

Super Soaker

Pokemon trading cards


popular toys
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Sony PlayStation 2


LEGO Mindstorm

Razor Scooter

Ugly Dolls

Nintendo Wii

Zhu Zhu Pets

Monster High Dolls