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Start Your Business Startup Basics

9 Elevator Pitches Being Used Now


Need some great ideas for your elevator pitch? Check out the ones BusinessNewsDaily heard from small businesses across the country.

  • We provide pre-divorce planning services. You might think of me as a wedding planner except the focus of planning is on divorce. -- Nancy Fagan, a divorce planner for Divorce Help Clinic
  • I help leaders recognize and eliminate the drama that hampers productivity. When you have drama in your business you feel like you are shoveling coal in the boiler room instead of navigating the ship. I help leaders get out of the boiler room and back on the top deck. -- Marlene Chism, founder of Stop Workplace Drama
  • thredUP is a new online kids clothing swap community. Think ‘hand-me-downs gone viral.’ We help parents exchange boxes of outgrown kids clothes for boxes of gear that fits - all online, without leaving the house. It’s the perfect solution for busy parents looking to save time and money while also doing good by the environment. -- Karen Fein, public relations and marketing director of thredUP
  • I work with companies who want to stop losing money and be more productive by taking better care of themselves and their employees. -- Marc Tinsley, health, fitness and wellness expert with Fitness for the Rest of Us
  • BeLinker is a suite of tools that help event planners run a better, faster, cheaper and greener event. By combining four or five tools that they typically use into one easy to access software platform, BeLinker maximizes the connection between people, products and information and does so on any internet connected device. -- Brian Slawin, president of BusyEvent
  • Adventures With PawPaw is a series of children’s books about a little dog who travels to a different country in each book, introducing young children to other countries and cultures. -- Diana Scimone, author, “Adventures With PawPaw”
  • I help academics with limited practical business knowledge to take their research and get it applied in the private sector. -- Andrew Neitlich, operator of Institute for Business Growth
  • Ashima Arts tools for game developers and publishers allow them to create much more entertainment for much less money. The tools automate many of the manual-labor processes that today add millions of dollars in production costs. They allow games to be played on any platform, take full advantage of cloud computing and automatically create complex environments, weather and social interactions for a constantly-evolving player experience that is always new.” -- Todd  Dunning, chief marketing manager of Ashima Arts
  • Did you know Baskervill is the oldest architectural firm on the East Coast and was established in 1897? This type of longevity doesn’t happen by accident. Our reputation and client-focused service have enabled our continued success. We have been shaping the face of Richmond and the nation for over 113 years. Don’t let our age fool you; we don’t look or act a day over 28. Have you considered using a local architect? -- Tracey Gould, marketing director of Baskervill

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