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Workers Increasingly Value Green Employers

eco friendly Credit: Going Green Image via Shutterstock

It appears the eco-friendly green revolution has infiltrated the workplace and it may just change the way companies attract and retain talent. That is because nearly 90 percent of respondents to a new poll stated that working for an environmentally friendly company was important to them.  An additional 72 percent of workers said they would choose a job at an eco-friendly company over another company if given the choice.

Even though working at a company that is eco-friendly is a top priority for a majority of workers, just 48 percent of respondents considered their company to be green while 35 percent of respondents said their company was not green

Workers are backing up their talk as well, with three-quarters of respondents saying they would be willing to change their routine in order to implement more eco-friendly measures if their company provided them with incentives.  According to TheLadders, the job search website that conducted the research, going green can be as simple as reducing paper usage, recycling and reducing trash, buying greener supplies, encouraging employees to turn off their computers and lights and turning down air conditioning when it is not needed.

"Since launching almost a decade ago, we have seen a growing desire for job seekers to work in an environment that reflects their personal values," Alex Douzet, chief operating officer and co-founder of TheLadders, said. "It is clear from our survey that professionals are attracted to employers who share their priorities. Our research provides a critical wake-up call to employers who do not consider eco-conscious efforts to be best practice."

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The information in the survey was based on the responses of more than 100 professionals in the construction, education, engineering, finance, human resources, law, marketing, medical, science, operations, real estate, sales and technology industries.

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