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The 10 Strangest (and Funniest) Help Desk Questions

Help Desk
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While IT departments are hired to keep the technical side of a business up and running, employees don't always use them as such. In fact, many IT workers are greeted with ridiculous requests or strange questions not suited for these computer geniuses.

"Can you help me fix my toilet?" and "How do I clean cat hair out of my computer fan?" were just some of the bizarre – but real – requests reportedly made to IT department help desks according to a survey by staffing firm Robert Half Technology[Read related article: Pros and Cons of an IT Managed Service Provider for a SMB]

The chief information officers who were surveyed noted a number of unusual and strange calls for help that have come through their department. Here are the 10 we found to be the funniest:

Credit: "The Office," NBC

Credit: "The Office," NBC

Credit: "Seinfeld," NBC

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Credit: "The It Crowd," Channel 4

Credit: "Friends," NBC

Credit: "Seinfeld," NBC

Credit: "Parks and Recreation," NBC

Credit: "The Office," NBC

Credit: "The Mick," Fox

Credit: "The Office," NBC

"Beyond their entertainment value, these unusual requests demonstrate the strong customer service skills necessary to work in the help desk and technical support fields," said John Reed, executive vice president of Robert Half Technology. "The best IT professionals are composed and empathetic – and, of course, have a good sense of humor."

The study was based on surveys of 1,400 CIOs from companies across the United States with at least 100 employees.

Additional reporting by Chad Brooks. Some source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

Sammi Caramela

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