5 Business Ideas We Love Right Now

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Looking for a great business idea? Sometimes all it takes is being inspired by someone else. BusinessNewsDaily hears about lots of exciting new businesses and they all have interesting stories to tell. Here are five business ideas we love right now.

The Fancy

The Fancy
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The Fancy is the next evolution of e-commerce.

"It is the place to discover and buy the coolest stuff from all around the Web," said Joseph Einhorn, the company's founder. "You are finding the coolest items and places to visit — through people whose taste you admire. See something you want to buy, you can buy it right there or book a trip right there without having to click off to another website."

Einhorn believes The Fancy changes the face of e-commerce.

"The way commerce has been working up until now is that stores have buyers who act as editors and dictate to us what we are allowed to buy from whom when and at what price. The way our system works is that users drive this and 'Fancy' what they like and then merchants and brands can sell to that demand. We know what we want — let us eliminate the buyer. So we are trying to flip all commerce, not just e-commerce, on its head."

Celebrity users of Fancy include Kanye West, Ashton Kutcher, Selma Hayek, Diddy, and more. It's also got lots of big-name investors on board.

PA For a Day

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Celebrities have personal assistants — why shouldn't you? That's the question posed by PA For a Day founder Charell Star Charleston.

The startup provides short- or long-term help to busy professionals and businesses in the New York City area. The company's personal assistants work for as little as $20 an hour (with a two-hour minimum) and will do whatever you need done, including laundry, grocery shopping and dog walking. The can also do more professional tasks, including event staffing, office administration or translation.

Charleston thinks it's a great time to start a business like his because people are more time-strapped now than ever.

"Our service allows busy individuals and businesses a way to get everything done, without burning themselves out," Charleston said.

Savvy Source/Schoola

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Credit: Schoola.com
Schoola is a self-service fundraising platform that schools, principals, PTAs, moms and dads can use to raise significant funds for schools and other nonprofits, explains founder Stacey Boyd.

"Think Groupon meets school fundraising with a merchant-friendly twist," she said. School supporters work with great merchants in their community to create a deal everyone will love, and merchants donate between 15 and 50 percent of their proceeds back to schools. Schoola handles the purchases and fulfillment and sends checks to merchants and schools.

"Education funding is in crisis mode as public schools are receiving less state funding," Boyd said. "The cuts have had significant consequences, and school supporters are looking for new, modern ways to fill the gaps."

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Find your business idea
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Doctors Express

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Doctors Express is the first-ever nationally franchised urgent care, according to John Shufeldt, CEO of Immediate Clinic Management, which owns Doctors Express. The company has 43 walk-in medical centers up and running throughout the country and a total of 143 franchises have been awarded in 24 states. Seventy franchises are expected to be operating by the end of the year.

Much like an emergency room, Doctors Express always has physicians on staff. Doctors Express provides state-of-the-art treatment for acute illness, trauma and sports injuries (including minor surgical procedures) and has on-site laboratory and digital X-ray service as well as medication dispensing. Pre-employment physicals, drug screening and treatment of work-related injuries are also available to local employers.

These walk-in doctors' offices are helping ease the burden on emergency rooms, Shufeldt said.

"Emergency rooms are overcrowded and can’t handle the number of nonemergency patients clogging up the ER," he said. "When [people] get sick, they need quality, affordable, accessible health care." The average out of pocket cost for those without insurance for a Doctors Express visit is $125 to $140.

I Do, Now I Don’t

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Credit: IDoNowIDont.com
I Do, Now I Don't was started by Josh Opperman after his fiancée had a change of heart. When he took the ring back to the store he originally purchased it from, he received an offer that was substantially lower than what he paid for it. He then created I Do, Now I Don't as on an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of secondhand jewelry, mainly diamond engagement rings, and other wedding-related items.

On the website, sellers can let go of their unwanted jewelry and at the same time, buyers can receive a much better price than what’s offered at most retailers.

"What sets IDoNowIDont.com (IDNID) from the rest of auction sites that exist is the secure and superior service," Opperman said. Each diamond sold on the site comes first to the IDNID headquarters and is inspected by an independent GIA-trained and accredited gemologist to assure the authenticity and quality of every piece of jewelry sold, he said.

Small Business Resource Center

Small Business Resource Center
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