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Tablet Computers Lead Consumer Electronics Growth

Tablet computers lead growth in consumer electronics . / Credit: Tablet computer growth image via Shutterstock

Smartphones will be the most purchased consumer electronics device this year, a new study shows. But tablet computer ownership will lead the industry by posting the largest household penetration increase over the coming 12 months as all-in-one devices continue to grow in popularity.

More than 1 in 5 (22 percent) of U.S. households  say they plan to purchase a smartphone in the next 12 months, according to the most recent household ownership study conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, an industry trade group. High-definition televisions (HDTVs) are next on the list (17 percent), followed by digital cameras (15 percent).

But the real growth spurt in consumer electronics will be led by tablets, which will increase their household penetration level by 14 points from last year, the largest increase in the industry, the survey found. Blue-ray players and digital media players will also post double-digit growth in household penetration numbers, climbing by 12 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

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"Consistent with past research and trends we are seeing, tablets and smartphones will continue their dominance in the marketplace over the coming year," said Chris Ely, CEA’s manager of industry analysis. "As consumers continue to integrate these mobile connected devices into their everyday lifestyles, we expect to see an increase in ownership of all-in-one devices and related content. The average household continues to own electronics at a high rate, with ownership of all-in-one devices seeing significant growth. Consumers continue to purchase electronics, but we see a decrease in overall spending as they are buying at a bargain, seeking deals and discounts on the devices they desire, and taking advantage of declining price points for certain product categories.