Not every great business idea has to be your own. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy an established business get get off the ground running. Here are ten cool businesses for sale right on the web site right now.

Las Vegas performing arts school – Las Vegas

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Some of the best coming-of-age movies were set in specialized arts high schools (“Fame,” anyone?) One lucky buyer will have the chance to foster such expertly choreographed, intricately harmonized scenes on a daily basis at this Las Vegas performing arts school. From dance and theater to martial arts and show production, this institution could nurture the next Bette Midler.

Charter party boat on Sacramento River – Sacramento, Calif.

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Party buses are a piece of the celebration puzzle – but party boats, on the other hand, are the whole party in one great package. This Northern California private party boat (with a full-service bar, live music and DJ packages) will make any wedding, corporate event or gambling cruise the splash event of the year.

Fountain design and installation company – St. Louis

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Cities like Chicago have them in their plazas, luxurious casinos have them in their dramatic entrance ways – so why shouldn’t your home or office have a lavish, multitiered fountain, too? This St. Louis-based fountain design and installation company provides customers with the architects, engineers, resources and aesthetic edge to design the perfect water feature to distinguish any property.

A bar at Yankee Stadium? – Bronx, N.Y.

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It’s a baseball enthusiast’s dream: Here’s the opportunity to work steps away from the (revamped) house that Babe Ruth built in a bar at Yankee Stadium. The bar caters to the thousands of Yankee fans before, during and after the game. Currently open during the regular season only, this local watering hole has the potential to entertain pinstripe loyalists year-round. Considering how the Yankees’ fared in the ALCS, there will be many Yankee fans in need of some cheer.

Avocado Farm – Chile

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If you love more than just salsa with your tortilla chips, this South American industrial export-grade avocado farm is calling to you. With over 500 hectares of total land and over 100 hectares of avocado trees, it’s a guac-lover’s dream. Located right outside of the country’s capital (Santiago) at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, this exotic farm is equal parts business and pleasure.

Computer and electronics gift store with yoga studio – Tomah, Wisc.

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Tired of your everyday, boring routine? Housed in a colorful building as eclectic as the store itself, this local shop guarantees that no two days of work will ever be the same. With laptops and stereos for sale downstairs, and a full-size yoga studio above, this storefront is any multitasker’s dream.

Horse trail ride business in Hawaii – Kamuela, Hawaii

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This 11,000-acre premier open-range horseback riding business is a Big Island tourist hot spot, where guests return year after year to see the breathtaking views of the local rain forest and the Kohala coast. If you’re an equestrian enthusiast looking to share your passion with interested patrons, this business could be your permanent vacation.

House of Jerky Store – Dahlongea, Ga.

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These aren’t your gas station jerky sticks. From wild boar to buffalo and even alligator, the House of Jerky brings all of the flavors of the Wild West (and South) to northern Georgia. Situated in the heart of downtown Helen, this booming jerky emporium is the perfect stop for those craving a new twist on an old-fashioned snack.

Historic winery and vineyard; real estate included – Northwest Oregon

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Few job descriptions could compete with that of a sommelier at this Pacific Northwest vineyard. With their days spent enjoying the view of coastal mountains, sitting on the veranda sipping homegrown wine, life is good. With the land, brand, inventory and winery all included, this award-winning historical vineyard, planted with pino blanc, riesling, and pinot noir varieties, offers one wine aficionado the chance at a luxurious life’s work.

Travel/sport-fishing business in paradise – Los Suenos, Costa Rica

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It’s time to embrace the warm seas and unmatched fishing in Costa Rica with this sport-fishing enterprise. Equipped with a three-bedroom condo and one of the fastest fishing charters around, this could be yours to run from the wheelhouse or from the lounge chair of your choice on one of Costa Rica’s famous beaches.