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Card Tricks: How to Deal Ideal Business Cards

prickett-cards-100712-02 Credit: Chris Prickett

Credit: Chris Prickett

A business card is often the first thing a prospective business contact or client will see. Make sure they don’t see a “Joker.” Here are a half-dozen things you need to know.


Your card should convey who you are, what you do, and how to reach you. Everything else is just fluff and distracting fluff at that. After your name and company, one or two phone numbers, an email address and a website are just fine. Your card is serves as an introduction, does the contact really need your address, fax number and a list of services offered? Maybe, maybe not, but a cluttered card doesn’t make a good first impression. Better to leave them wanting more, that may just give them a reason to call…

Tiny Text

When I hit my 48th birthday, my eyesight started going, and teensey-weensy text became unreadable and quite annoying. The recipient of your business card should be able to read your name and number without the need for binoculars or laser eye surgery.


Even the best business cards are relatively inexpensive. When you make your cards on your home printer it screams “fly-by-night.” So does the typical boiler plate card, and yes, the prospective client can tell.

I Like You. You’re Different

As a realtor, I see the need to set myself apart from the crowd. My card is like none you’ve ever seen, in an industry where nearly every other card looks almost exactly the same. While I don’t necessarily recommend unbridled whimsy for a financial advisor, if your field is creative, you had better stand out!

Leave a Place to Write

I like using both sides of the card (why not get the most bang for your buck?), but I leave enough room to jot a quick note or phone number. Glossy cards aren’t “pen-friendly,” so keep at least one side flat-finished.

One Card, One Business

If you have two enterprises, have two cards. Double-dipping may save you pennies, but the impression it leaves is pound-foolish. The same goes for email addresses and websites. I received a card from a mortgage broker at a recent business mixer. Her email address began with “candlesbykaren.” I tossed it in the nearest trash can.

Chris Prickett is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in defying conventional thinking. He’s built and sold two companies and made many mistakes along the way. He started a Phoenix, AZ real estate business in 2007, during the worst market in modern history, and business is booming.

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