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3 Reasons You're Unhappy at Work

3 Reasons You're Unhappy at Work . / Credit: Unhappy at work image via Shutterstock

For many employees, being unhappy at work seems to be the norm. But does it really have to be that way? According to one human resources expert, the reasons you're unhappy at your job have to do with how you're thinking about your job.

That's the contention of Robert Giacalone, aka the Career Healer, who is a professor of human resource management at Temple University. Giacalone shared several reasons you might be unhappy at work in his blog for CareerBliss.com.

1. The Unrealistic Idea of What Work Life Will Be Like

Everyone will tell you that having a realistic idea of what a job is going to be like is generally a good thing — it allows you to see what your job is going to be like before you take it on.But for many of us, our minds conjure up the exact opposite: an unrealistic idea of what our lives at work will be like, Giacalone said in his blog. "We imagine and fantasize of a job where we have the 'right' amount of time to do our jobs, the 'right' boss, 'nice' colleagues and 'friendly' clients. But fantasy work life and real work life are two entirely different things. And when we begin to expect the real job to be like our fantasies, we set ourselves up for disappointment because we didn’t get the job in our imagination."

2. Worrying

Giacalone said we all do a lot of worrying about work, which makes us unhappy. Stop thinking: "what if," he advised.

3. The Urge to Compare

There are few things more toxic to happiness than ongoing comparisons — other people, other departments, other organizations, other jobs, Giacalone said.

"For some, the constant comparisons and a belief that other people and places are better off, is a way of life. It breeds resentment and longing. But it’s easily solved. Whenever you think others have it better, recognize that you cannot simply cherry- pick what aspects about them that you’d like — you would have to take everything they’ve got," he said.

Giacalone gives two more reasons you may be happy at work and lots of solutions on how to deal with it on his CareerBliss blog.