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What Does Your Necktie Say About You?

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Not sure what your necktie says about you? Now you can definitively know. Fortuna Tokyo, a leading Japanese luxury brand, has started making ties that are designed to convey particular meanings.

"Many of today's leading designer brands seem to have this mentality that the wearer must match themselves to any particular piece of clothing," said Akiko Koba, founder and designer of Fortuna Tokyo. But overly conspicuous designs can overwhelm, Koba added.  "Our neckties are committed and serve for their wearer, elegant, are not over-the-top conspicuous."

According to the Tokyo-based manufacturer, these ties combine beauty, delicacy and toughness.  The silk ties hope to give those wearing them luck that is based on the meaning of the tie.  Ties come with the following meanings:

Innocence— "A rare design consisting of delicate snowflakes on a thin tie. It is more intricate and detailed than simple dotted tie, and the subdued coloration will match with any suit."

  • Spirit— "A popular tie with vibrant yet subdued stripes. You can get it for yourself, or you can give to someone else as a present."
  • Friendship – "An intricate pattern of marching soldiers. Because of its unique design, it will surely attract the attention of your co-workers. Superb as a present to a new friend."
  • Adventure— "The intricate ship-and-anchor design will bring out your https://www.businessnewsdaily.com. 
  • Great for people who love the ocean or sports."
  • Chance – "A checkered tie with vibrant, royal colors. Matches with any suit."
  • Game— "A thin tie dotted with small intricate chess pieces. For those of us who love to have fun."
  • Gentleness –"A striped tie with a knightly image. A simple tie with an exquisite coloration."
  • King – "A striped tie interspersed with an intricate pattern of lions and crowns. Great to wear in moments of important competition."
  • Sacred – "A stylish checkered tie with cross motifs. Great to wear both during work and pleasure."
  • Gratitude – "Using material three times thicker than regular ties, this tie has a checkered design on an especially rich fabric."

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