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Hallmark Debuts Singing Justin Bieber Birthday Cards

Hallmark Debuts Singing Justin Bieber Birthday Cards Justin Bieber / Credit: Music4mix /

Want to increase your sales? Find a way to hitch your marketing wagon to the likes of Justin Bieber. That's likely what Hallmark was thinking when it decided to launch a line of Justin Bieber birthday cards that sing, flash, move and have popup displays.

Hallmark announced plans to release the cards this week to coincide with Justin Bieber's 18th birthday today (March 1). The cards will be available in April.

"The collection of more than 48 every day cards will provide 'Beliebers' a fun new way to share 'Bieber Fever' with friends and family. No matter what the occasion — to celebrate a birthday, say 'way to go girl,' or just say 'hello' — Justin Bieber greeting cards will have the perfect message to make any recipient say Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!,'" Hallmark said in a press release.

Hallmark sees its line of Beiber cards as a way to connect with a new generation of consumers who are hungry for everything Bieber.                                      

 "Justin's fans are demanding more content than ever before," commented Felix Sebacious, senior vice president of licensing at Bravado, the company with which Hallmark partnered. "Through these new innovative greeting cards, Hallmark has created a gateway to an even more dynamic relationship between Justin and his fans."

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