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YouTube's StyleHaul Creates New Fashion Platform

YouTube video network founder

Ever consider getting into the fashion business? Entrepreneurs of all stripes have found ways to work in the field they love and it doesn't mean you have to be a designer or model.

StyleHaul, a YouTube video network that features content on all things fashion, is a startup that brings almost 500 sources of fashion content together into place. Stephanie Horbaczewski, founder of StyleHaul, explains how it works and how she turned her business idea into a reality.

BusinessNewsDaily: Please explain what StyleHaul is and how it works.

Stephanie Horbaczewski:We work with 475 fashion and beauty channels, all members of StyleHaul’s network, which produce all of their own content for those channels. We also have an in-house production team, which creates original content for YouTube. Additionally, we partner with our channels for special projects with brands like OlsenBoye, TeenVogue and AIX, as well as commissioning exclusive series from bloggers and budding channels.

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BND:What is your business model? How does the business make its money?

S.H.:  StyleHaul's business model consists of targeted advertising for global and national brands to reach the highly engaged 13-34 year-old female audience. This includes a focused programming model fusing original fashion and beauty content with user-generated partner channels. Together it delivers a unique offering, leveraging scale and depth to advertisers.

BND: Where did you come up with the idea for the business? What is your background?

S.H.: I was the regional director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue.

BND: How did you finance your startup? How long have you been in business?

S.H.: We financed the startup through initial investments by the founders and then raised money from friends and family.

BND: So far, how closely have you stuck to your original business plan?

S.H.: That is a tough one to answer, while the business has, at its core, remained what we envisioned, the speed at which the space and industry are evolving is much faster than expected and created many new opportunities that we didn't initially think would be possibilities.

BND: How does your audience change and what changes have you had to make to change as your customers make different demands?

S.H.: Given that we are just hitting our one-year mark, I wouldn't say our audience has changed so much as it has grown. And as our audience grows and diversifies to include new countries and demographics, so, too, does our scope and scale. As such, we’re in the process of launching a brand-new programming slate for 2012 to showcase and promote our expanding audience, as well as adding staff members who are fluent in multiple languages.

BND: What's next for StyleHaul?

S.H.: Furthering the expansion of our global community and continuing to develop exciting new original programming and industry partnerships.