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Grow Your Business Security

Choosing the Best Website Security Software for Your Business

TTR web software

There are plenty of software products you can get to protect your website. You can also find a slew of programs for making your site faster. The trick is finding a product that enhances both security and performance, and there are only a few options out there that do. One of the best solutions we've found is to use a cloud-based service that reroutes incoming traffic through an external firewall/file server that hosts cached copies of the site's content. BusinessNewsDaily's Business.com, reviewed the best website security and performance services, and this is a rundown of the results.  

The Top Two

Both Incapsula and CloudFlare are cloud-based services that can give you an added layer of protection and increase the performance of your website. They are two of only a handful of products that offer comprehensive options in both security and performance. What follows is a head-to-head comparison of the two.

Security Tools

This covers everything from SQL injection protection to stopping the comment spam bots that try to post comments on your site. Incapsula offers a wide range of security options, including using the OWASP Top 10 Threats. CloudFlare offers many of the options mentioned earlier but is lacking a few, including OWASP. When it comes to security tools, Incapsula is the winner since it covers more security options.  

Performance Tools

There are tricks to making a website faster, and sometimes it takes a service to provide those resources. With CloudFlare you gain access to a global content distribution network, content minifaction, content caching and content compression. With Incapsula you get all that, and more. Once again, Incapsula shows itself to be the winner with additional performance tools, including image optimization.

Management Tools

There's no use getting a service if it's hard to manage. Both of these website security and performance services offer a dashboard to oversee what is going on with your website. They both offer traffic statistics and real-time notification when there is a concern with the security or performance of your website. But, it is Incapsula that offers weekly reports and site management delegation. Incapsula offers more management tools. 


Though CloudFlare has a lot to offer, it doesn't have nearly as many tools and features as Incapsula. This service outshines in all three categories and is the best product we looked at. CloudFlare may have come in second, but it is nothing to sneeze at because these products both outshine the rest of the competition. For a complete lineup of website security and performance, check the side-by-side lineup at Business.com.

Business News Daily Editor

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