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Superhero Bosses: Which One Would You Pick?

image for Jupiterimages / Getty Images
Jupiterimages / Getty Images

Last week, a blogger who writes under the name FrugalDad posted an engaging infographic that compared Bill Gates to Batman. He was inspired by "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart, who called Bill Gates "Batman" while talking about Gates' philanthropic work.

FrugalDad's infographic got lot of attention and it got us wondering what other superheroes are living among us. BusinessNewsDaily asked our small business owners readers: If you could work for any one superhero, who would it be? Here's what they had to say:

I would like to see Captain Planet as my boss. Captain Planet would be a fantastic boss at this agency because he understands the value and power of combined efforts and rarely swoops in to save the day unless things get really bad, never mind his grass-green mullet, crystal skin, strict sense of judgment and catchphrase "the power is yours!"

Kelsey Reck, Planit

Our team would pick Jean Grey (aka Phoenix) as a superhero boss. Because she's a mentalist, she could read the minds of our competitors. And when she's the Phoenix, she can time travel, so she could take what we've learned in user tests in the present and go backwards in time to apply the testing outcomes in the past. Plus, she could time travel to the future, and find out what the future shopping trends will be. Then we could build web pages and tools for these future shopping trends now.

Kristen Carney, CouponCodes.com

For me it has to be Professor X, the leader and founder of the X-Men. Not only is his character fighting for the worthy cause of equality, but
he's extremely wealthy, so hopefully I'd be paid handsomely. Plus, it would be really cool to hang out with the X-Men crew on a regularly basis!

Dhanesh Shelat, Imagemme

If I could work for any superhero it would be Iron Man. The primary reason for this is his ability to create innovative technological products. In our modern technology-centric economy, this is a skill that leads to success. I can imagine Iron Man running a successful technology company like a Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.

Erik Fox, Shoplet.com

My boss would be Superman. He is supportive and nurturing. I could not ask for a better boss.

Maria Canul, Xignite

My superhero boss would be Batman. By day, venture capitalist Bruce Wayne provides necessary project funding. By night, Batman strong-arms the competition to stop them from unfairly breaking manufacturer MAP (minimum advertised price) policies.

Nathan Miloszewski, VoIP Supply

I'd probably lean toward someone like Wolverine, because even though it might be a high-stress environment, he would certainly work his tail off and go all out to make sure the company succeeds, and defend each of his employees to the fullest. 

Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers

Wonder Woman. She is strong, beautiful, smart and uses technology as her "super power" — Invisible plane! Bullet-repelling wrist cuffs! Truth-forcing lasso! Very forward thinking!

Anne Darnell, TorranceLearning