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10 Technologies That Will Change Your Business in 2012

10 Technologies That Will Change Your Business in 2012 Credit: © Haywiremedia | Dreamstime.com

Just when you were getting used to all the new technologies from 2011, here come the new technologies that will make an impact on 2012. According to training and consulting services firm Eogogics, these are the 10 technologies to watch in 2012 and beyond. 

  • 5G Wireless - If you just got a new 4G phone, don’t worry too much about the threat of 5G making your new device obsolete anytime soon.  Sometime in the next decade, however, the implementation of 5G will happen, thereby making this technology a hot-button issue for businesses with good foresight. 
  • Carrier Ethernet - With this technology, your desktop is not tied down to your desk, thus allowing access to home computer anywhere you travel. 
  • Cloud Computing - Cloud computing, which uses the Internet to run software or applications, will continue to be a top issue in 2012.  This allows anyone with access to the Internet to have access to the software or applications running on the cloud.
  • Cybersecurity - Cyberattacksare nothing new, but the way in which businesses handle them and the attention which businesses pay to them is expected to increase in the new year.   
  • IPv6 Migration/Implementation– As the traditional IPv4 database has now been exhausted, the switch over to IPv6 will come soon, according to Eogogics.   
  • Geo-Location– Technologies allowing people to know where they are in relation to other people, places and things has grown with the incorporation of these technologies into personal devices such as smartphones.   
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - As RFIDs have shrunk, they have been placed in places ranging from pets to products, giving businesses and people the ability to manage and track any item they wish to.
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) - RCFA helps businesses in the midst of a disaster, but as these devices have been perfected, they are starting to be used as a tool which according to Eogogics can "prevent shutdowns and disasters, thus lowering cost, reducing risk and liability, raising quality and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty."
  • SIP/SIP-T-Also known as  Session Initiation Protocol and Session Initiation Protocol Trunking was crucial to Voice over IP applications but is now being expanded "to all types of multimedia and rich media communications from voice to video, telemetric, command and control, and other session types," according to Eogogics. 
  • Voice-Enabled Technologies - While these technologies have been around for years with the introduction of services such as Siri in late 2011, voice-enabled technologies are only expected to grow in popularity in 2012.

"While one could argue whether this is 'the' list or what else should be on the list, these technologies clearly interest a wide range of organizations in the United States and abroad," said Jim Cavanagh, of Eogogics NextGen Technologies group. "Therefore, the technologies on this list that also apply to your own field should clearly be on your 'learn more about' radar."

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