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The 10 Best Career Opportunities Right Now


With the latest unemployment numbers out today showing that unemployment has dropped to 8.6 percent, it might seem as if things are finally looking up. But, a closer look at the numbers reveals that the actual number of new jobs, just 140,000, isn't really much to cheer about. However, the job situation isn't completely hopeless. There are some occupations and industries, however, that have experienced significant growth in the last year and are still hiring.

According to the Monster Employment Index, which monitors online job demand for workers based on occupation and industry, there are many industries that are hiring. The top five occupations to experience greater demand from November 2010 to November 2011, and their rate of increase, were:

  • Personal care and service (65 percent)
  • Transportation and material moving (39 percent)
  • Architecture and engineering (35 percent)
  • Installation, maintenance and repair (22 percent)
  • Computer and mathematical (19 percent)

The survey also looks at online recruiting patterns of industries rather than specific occupations. The top five growth industries from November 2010 to November 2011, and their rate of increase, were:

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (39 percent)
  • Mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction (35 percent)
  • Transportation and warehousing (31 percent)
  • Other services (21 percent)
  • Information (19 percent)

The survey also looked at what metro areas showed the biggest rise in recruiting. They were:

  • Cincinnati (36 percent)
  • Indianapolis (31 percent)
  • Detroit (27 percent)
  • Cleveland (26 percent)
  • Baltimore (26 percent)