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RxNT Medical Billing Review

Max Freedman
Max Freedman
  • RXNT offers medical billing software geared toward medical billers who may be managing billing on behalf of multiple clients.
  • RXNT's medical billing software includes all of the tools a medical billing company might need to effectively serve its clients.
  • The major drawback of RXNT's medical billing software is that it's not intended for practices, though the company does offer a full suite of medical software.
  • This review is for medical billers who are considering RXNT as their medical billing software.

RXNT Editor's Score: 86/100

Overall value 85/100
Medical software 80/100
Billing 90/100
First-pass acceptance rate (FPAR) 90/100
Customer service 85/100

Why RXNT Is Best for Medical Billers

RXNT offers a unique medical billing solution designed for medical billing services. None of the other healthcare software companies we reviewed offered tools geared directly to other medical billing services. However, RXNT doesn't maintain its own medical billing service. Instead, its software powers independent medical billers, from solo coders and billers to small businesses. RXNT offers easy-to-use tools that integrate seamlessly with the company's healthcare IT suite, making it easy for billers to bring clients onboard and begin billing directly within the system. 

RxNT Medical Billing

RxNT Medical Billing

The Verdict

RXNT is our best pick for medical billing software for medical billers. Tools include claim creation and submission, rules-based scrubbing, an integrated clearinghouse, and a denial-management dashboard.


  • RXNT has an integrated clearinghouse.
  • It offers detailed performance reports.
  • It has a cost-effective option that starts at $65 per user per month.


  • RXNT does not offer a medical billing service.
  • The subscription price includes only 50 claims per month at the baseline subscription level. Unlimited claims are available starting at $150 per provider per month tier.


RXNT offers both a healthcare IT suite and a medical billing software suite, and they are seamlessly integrated and easy to navigate. Medical billing services can rely on RXNT to tie them into their clients' medical practice management system so they can begin handling charge entry, medical coding and claim submission directly. RXNT also offers healthcare organizations full visibility into the medical billing service's activities, helping them understand the full value that their outsourced medical billing team is bringing to their practice. 

This review focuses on RXNT's medical billing solutions for medical billers. The software offers a platform for medical billing services to manage multiple clients and medical claims in one place, with all the tools they need to improve medical billing processes from charge entry to denial management.


Here are some of the most important features of RXNT's medical billing software:

Charge entry and coding Through RXNT, you can enter and code all of your clients' charges.
Claim scrubbing RXNT includes a rules-based claim scrubbing tool that flags common claim errors to minimize the likelihood of payer denials.
Denied-claim management The RXNT medical billing suite allows you to manage all denied or rejected claims from revision to final reimbursement.
Flexible solutions RXNT is as suitable for single-person billing teams as it is for larger companies.
Integrated clearinghouse RXNT's clearinghouse is fully integrated, so you won't need to pay fees that you pass on to your clients.
Multisite billing RXNT's central billing office setup means you can use it at all your locations.
Performance reports With RXNT, you can generate practice performance reports that your company can use as both billing and consulting teams.
Unpaid-claim follow-up RXNT's tools make it a breeze to follow up on unpaid payer claims or patient statements.

Charge Entry and Coding 

With RXNT's medical billing software, you can code and enter your clients' charges with no trouble. As with other billing software platforms, RXNT lets you code and enter all your charges via desktop, but it goes a step further with its mobile app. You and your billing team can capture charges via a mobile snapshot and then upload them to RXNT's medical software. Your clients can then document each claim's diagnosis, modifier and procedure codes.

Claim Scrubbing

With RXNT's claim scrubbing tools and rules engine, you can minimize the chances that your work will result in denied or rejected claims for your clients. If the RXNT rules engine detects any claim errors that could result in denials or rejections after submission, it will alert you so you can make the required changes. You can then refile these claims, and if errors persist, the RXNT rules engine will flag them again.

Denied-Claim Management

RXNT's rules engine keeps your first-pass acceptance rate high and your denied- and rejected-claim volumes low. However, if claims are denied or rejected, RXNT can guide you through the process of correcting them. It will also give you guidance from payers as to why your claims were rejected so you can revise them as needed. 

Additionally, RXNT can help you prioritize your denied claims, which is useful if your medical billing company has several clients.

Flexible Solutions

RXNT is willing to bend its structure to fit your billing company's needs, whether you're a solo independent biller or a full-on billing company. Whether you've just opened a new medical practice and need billing tools or you're a medical billing service that's trying to take on new clients, RXNT can meet your needs.

In either case, RXNT is also happy to send you referrals. That's because RXNT offers practices an electronic medical record system and practice management software but not revenue cycle management. Many practices may seek all three solutions from RXNT, in which case the company can refer appropriate clients to you for the latter service. When you choose RXNT, you potentially set yourself up for rapid growth.

RXNT offers a wide range of tools that medical billers can use to manage their clients' claims more efficiently and transparently.

Integrated Clearinghouse

When you use RXNT as your medical billing software, you get access to the company's fully integrated clearinghouse. This integration means you won't have to upload claims or download remittances from other interfaces. It also means you can check claim or payment statuses from within RXNT rather than in another platform. And because of this integration, there are no additional fees to pass on to your clients or to build into your service rates. [Read Related: The Benefits of EFT and ERA in Medical Billing]

Multisite Billing

If your billing company operates out of several offices, you don't need to set up and implement RXNT at each location. The company's central billing office functionality keeps all of your team members, locations and clients connected, no matter where you're working. This function can prove especially handy as your business grows. With no geographical tether, you can theoretically open offices anywhere and cater to small practices and large hospitals in various regions.

Performance Reports

With RXNT, your medical billing company can act as both a biller and a consultant. RXNT's medical billing platform includes customizable reports that you can create and share with clients to advise them on financial performance trends. You can consult with your clients on the data in these reports to guide their practice management choices. In other words, you won't just help your clients collect the money they're owed; you'll also help them earn more in the future.

Did you know?Did you know? Some specialties may benefit from extensive feedback from their medical biller. For example, mental health billing tends to be unique and more complex than other types of medical billing.

Unpaid-Claim Follow-Up

RXNT's platform gives you the tools you need to follow up with patients and payers about unpaid claims. This way, you can seamlessly serve your clients on two fronts while removing the entire burden of following up. For small practices with minimal staff or big practices with a large number of patients, this service is extremely valuable.


RXNT's medical billing software costs $65 per user per month, with a 10% discount if you pay yearly instead. However, this price includes only 50 claims per month. To get unlimited claims, you will need to subscribe to a higher pricing tier, starting at $150 per provider per month. RXNT's pricing otherwise includes all of the medical billing features listed above.

RXNT's pricing plans offer flexibility for healthcare organizations and medical billers alike.


When you first sign up with RXNT, you'll get paired with a customer success team, including a trainer and a project coordinator. You'll also get access to additional technical resources. All of this comes at no extra cost. 

RXNT implementation should take two to six weeks. As you move through the process, you'll work only with people based in RXNT's Annapolis, Maryland headquarters. You can be as hands-on or hands-off in the process as you'd like, though engaging with guided training is highly recommended.

Customer Service

Customer service is included in every plan. You can access RXNT's customer service team via live chat, phone or email. RXNT's customer service hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET on weekdays. In addition to its customer service lines, RXNT includes a centralized help center that can answer many of your questions. This help center comes with interactive tutorials, automated answer bots and a knowledgebase with a wide range of helpful how-to articles and tips. 


RXNT is an excellent choice for medical billers that need an intuitive, comprehensive software platform, but it does have two main limitations. For one, RXNT's baseline subscription for medical billing software includes only 50 claims per month, so you should consider the costs of exceeding that limit against your anticipated claim volume. Unlimited claims are available starting at $150 per provider per month. 

Another very important consideration is that, unlike the other medical billing companies we reviewed, RXNT is not a medical billing service. Instead, it offers medical billing services the tools they need to more effectively manage practices' revenue cycles. Practices that are looking to outsource their billing can instead hire one of the many firms that use RXNT to power their billing operations. However, RXNT does offer medical software for practices, including an electronic medical record system, medical practice management software and medical billing software. 

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We spent hours researching medical billing services and software. That research included software demonstrations, phone interviews and customer service calls, as well as analysis of customer service reviews available online, including those listed on the Better Business Bureau website. We spent several months browsing company websites, reading customer reviews and speaking with company representatives. When choosing our pick for medical billers, we considered software solutions that were designed to support medical billing services and their clients. RXNT not only offers healthcare IT solutions for medical practices but also software to help medical billers enter and code claims, scrub for errors, review outstanding claims' statuses and manage denials for multiple clients via one dashboard.

What Is a Medical Billing Service?

A medical billing service is a company that maintains a staff of medical billers (and sometimes coders) to prepare and track claims on behalf of client healthcare organizations. Medical billing services often hire certified medical billers with credentials such as AAPC or AHIMA certification. These organizations tend to offer specialty experience and consultation to a healthcare organization, removing the burden of managing billing while maintaining transparency into financial performance. The best medical billing services excel at not only managing a healthcare organization's billing but also improving collections and boosting revenue. 

RXNT Medical Billing FAQs

How much does RXNT's medical billing solution cost?

RXNT's medical billing software starts at $65 per user per month, with a 10% discount when paid annually.

Does RXNT offer medical billing services?

No. RXNT is a software company that does not offer outsourced revenue cycle management services. It does, however, offer software that supports medical billing services' operations.

How many monthly claims are included in an RXNT subscription?

At the baseline subscription tier, RxNT includes 50 claims per month. Starting at $150 per provider per month, the company offers unlimited claims. 

Bottom Line

We recommend RXNT Medical Billing for ...

  • Medical billing companies that want to improve their ability to track clients' claims.
  • Independent medical billers without proprietary systems.
  • Healthcare organizations that want cost-effective healthcare IT solution that includes training.

We don't recommend RXNT Medical Billing for ...

  • Medical practices that are looking to outsource their medical billing to a third-party service.
  • Medical billers that want to plug into a client’s existing medical software platform for coding and billing services.

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RxNT Medical Billing

RxNT Medical Billing

The Verdict

RXNT is our best pick for medical billing software for medical billers. Tools include claim creation and submission, rules-based scrubbing, an integrated clearinghouse, and a denial-management dashboard.

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