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Made in America Tattoo Company Has Halloween Trick Up its Sleeve


An Arizona-based temporary tattoo manufacturer, which got its start in a garage before growing into a big business, is now looking to leave its mark on trick-or-treaters – literally.

While costumed kids still are sure to be bombarded with the holiday's traditional candy, Tattoo Manufacturing and its parent company TM International have unveiled more than 100 new Halloween-inspired tattoos in hopes of positioning their product as an alternative to candy this Halloween.

With a collection including devils, ghosts, pirates, pumpkins, skulls, spiders, witches and vampires – some of which glow in the dark – Damon Safranek, director of corporate strategy and analysis for TM International, said the company also has seen a notable uptick in the number of people adding them as the finishing touches to their costumes.

"We see a lot of traffic for both treats for children and Halloween costumes," Safranek told BusinessNewsDaily.

Halloween sales are just a small part of what has helped turn a one-person operation into the world's largest temporary tattoo manufacturer, printing more than 6 million tattoos each day.

"We have shown tremendous growth," Safranek said, reflecting on the company's early days, when it was being run completely out of a residential garage.

With headquarters in Tucson, Ariz., TM International has long prided itself on manufacturing all of its products in America.

Safranek said the company has been manufacturing the tattoos locally in Tucson since it was founded in 1989, as a way to create new jobs and support American workers.

"That has been a value and principle that the company was built on," Safranek said. Though some may assume it would be cheaper to make the product overseas, Safranek said the manufacturing costs are about the same in the United States.

In addition, manufacturing in America ensures the company's tattoos are FDA-certified and meet all of the necessary U.S. and international regulatory requirements.

"That peace of mind has value to our customers," Safranek said.

Besides selling its products online and in retail locations, TM International also partners with a number of major brands that use their temporary tattoos as prizes and giveaways. The company supplies more than 65,000 corporate partners, including Disney, Kellogg’s, Kraft, GEICO and Pepsi.

Safranek said the tattoos' popularity hinges in large part on their variety of uses – from toys and fashion accessories to corporate advertisements. "Their usage is so flexible," he said.

Among the company's most popular tattoos are cause-related ribbons, sports team logos and custom-designed options.

"All you have to do is provide us with your artwork, and we create a custom tattoo from that," Safranek said.

The full collection can be seen on the Tattoo Sales website.

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