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IC System Review

Donna Fuscaldo
Donna Fuscaldo
  • We chose IC System as the best agency for business-to-consumer collections because of its years of experience, transparent pricing, and its success rate in recovering debt.
  • IC System's Recovery Plus flat-rate program starts at $14.95 per account, while its Premier Collect plan starts at 25%.
  • IC System has more than 80 years of experience collecting debt for clients.
  • This review is for businesses considering using IC system for their debt collection needs.

IC System is one of the biggest collection agencies in the U.S., recovering both consumer and commercial debt for clients since 1938. We like this family-owned collection agency for business-to-consumer (B2C) collections because of its years of experience, its ethical approach to collecting debt, transparent pricing, and embrace of technology to enhance its efforts. It's for these reasons and more that it is our choice as the best collection agency for B2C collections.

IC System

IC System

The Verdict

IC System is our choice for the best B2C collection agency thanks to its decades of experience, transparent pricing, and track record of recovering debt.


Collecting consumer debt requires customized efforts based on how old the account is and what efforts customers have made to pay it back. IC System allows you to tailor your collection services with its two levels of service and price points.

Depending on your collection needs, you can go with the two-stage Recovery Plus program, which costs a flat $14.95 per account, or the contingency-based Premier Collect plan, which starts at 25%. Recovery Plus is most effective when the debt isn't too old.

Key takeaway: IC System charges a flat rate of $14.95 for basic collection services and rates starting at 25% for harder cases.


The number of service features you can use depends on the level of service you choose. During the first phase, IC System sends out demand letters informing the customers they are in collections. At this point in the process, you get to keep 100% of the money recovered. You also get credit reporting on some accounts, analytical modeling, skip tracing and direct letters.

If those efforts fail, you can step up to IC System's Premier Collect plan. This is IC System's contingency collection service, meaning you pay the agency only when money is collected. With this service plan, you get credit reporting to the major bureaus, credit monitoring, and attorney and litigation referral services if legal action is necessary. To collect from hard-to-find debtors, the agency uses several strategies, including skip tracing.

Key takeaway: IC System offers a variety of services, including credit reporting, analytical modeling, skip tracing and direct letters.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Working With IC System

IC System stands out from many of its competitors because of its years in business. With 80-plus years under its belt, business owners can feel confident that IC System knows what it's doing. Over the years, IC System has performed services for thousands of businesses in various industries, including healthcare, dental, communications, government and education companies.

It's also licensed and/or bonded in all states and territories. That's important in pursuing consumer debt. With many consumers living miles away from where the debt was originally serviced, an agency's ability to collect debt anywhere in the country is key.

IC System operates an online portal that enables you to submit accounts, manage inventory, generate reports and view statements. All the tools are designed to help you keep track of the debt recovery progress. Accounts sent through the online portal kick off within 24 hours of entry. Other benefits of the online portal are the ability to review notes on an account, see the number of calls the agency has made and the number of letters sent, and a customer's payment history and contact information.

The agency stands by its approach and, to put clients at ease, provides detailed reports through the online portal. You can track accounts in batches, see payments and reversals on individual accounts, and see the progress of the collection efforts.

You want to work with a successful collection agency, but also one that won't employ overly aggressive tactics. You don't have to worry about that with IC System. It takes pride in its ethical approach to collections as a differentiator, vowing to treat people with dignity and respect, do the right thing, and recover debt only in ways it can be proud of. To keep its employees on track, IC System honors one who best exemplifies its values each quarter.

Cons of Working With IC System

IC System is not the most affordable service on the market. It charges a rate of 25% for its contingency collection plan, but it isn't transparent about this on its website. To get an accurate quote, you have to contact the company or fill out a form on its website.

IC System doesn't disclose its recovery rate beyond saying it's successful. Perhaps its 80-plus years in business is evidence enough, but it's worth inquiring about that before becoming a customer.

Collection agencies either specialize in certain industries or collect for everyone. If you are in a specialized industry, IC System may not be the best fit for your business. It caters to a variety of industries, but you need to make sure yours is included as well. Among the industries it serves are small and midsize business, healthcare, education, utilities, and government.

Key takeaway: IC System has been in business for decades and takes an ethical approach to debt collection. It doesn't disclose its actual recovery rate, however – just that it's successful.

Customer Support

Accessibility matters a lot for time-sapped business owners; if you have a question about an account, you should be able to get answers quickly. IC System stands out in this area. You'll have access to a client service team Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. via toll-free number or email. The company has a blog on its website that focuses on company enhancements and client education.

IC System is licensed/and or bonded in every state in the U.S., as well as Guam and Puerto Rico.

Key takeaway: IC System customers have access to a client service team during business hours via toll-free number and email.

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IC System

IC System

The Verdict

IC System is our choice for the best B2C collection agency thanks to its decades of experience, transparent pricing, and track record of recovering debt.

Donna Fuscaldo
Donna Fuscaldo
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