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Breezy HR

Best Free Recruiting Software

A Business News Daily Review

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  • Breezy HR's free plan comes with one active position, one active candidate pool, resume parsing, a branded careers site, interview self-scheduling, GDPR compliance and automation.
  • The free Breezy HR plan can be a good option for very small businesses with minimal or infrequent hiring needs and no recruiting budget.
  • Breezy HR also offers paid plans, so you can scale up as your recruiting needs expand.
  • This article is for small businesses that want to learn more about Breezy HR, the best free recruiting software 

Thanks to its free features, great customer support and scalable software, we recommend Breezy HR as the best free recruiting software. As with most free software, the features in Breezy HR's free plan are limited, allowing for one active position and one active candidate pool. However, the free software does come with essential hiring features like resume parsing, a branded careers site, interview self-scheduling, GDPR compliance and distribution to more than 50 job boards, which is more advanced than what most competitors offer with their free software. The free Breezy HR plan can be a great option for very small businesses with minimal or infrequent hiring needs. As your needs grow, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan with advanced recruiting features. 

We chose Breezy HR from dozens of recruiting software options. To understand how we chose Breezy HR, you can find our methodology and a list of recruiting software vendors on our best picks page. 

Breezy HR is one of the few reputable recruiting software companies that offers a free version of its recruiting software. Instead of just offering a free trial, Breezy HR users with very basic recruiting needs can access the free Bootstrap plan. This free software gives you one active position and one active candidate pool. You can access or cancel this plan at any time. 

As your company grows, you will likely need to expand your software to match. The great thing about Breezy HR is that it's not just a basic free plan. As your company grows and you need more advanced recruiting features, you can easily scale up to a paid plan to access more robust features. Paid plans are very flexible, with month-to-month or annual pricing. The two paid plans (Startup for $143 per month and Business for $399 per month) include unlimited positions, unlimited candidate pools and tiered recruiting features. 

Businesses with advanced needs can access the Pro plan for custom pricing. Free trials are available, as long as you have a business email. Breezy HR does not require contracts or cancellation fees, and you can upgrade or downgrade between monthly plans as often as you need. 

Key takeaway: Breezy HR's Bootstrap plan is free recruiting software with one active position and one active candidate pool. You can upgrade to paid plans starting at $143 per month. 

If you have very basic recruiting needs, Breezy HR offers the best free plan on the market; however, free software often comes with restrictions. Although Breezy HR's free plan has very limited features, it does have the basic recruiting capabilities a very small business may need to make a hire. As your recruiting needs grow, you can easily scale up to one of Breezy's paid plans, which are packed with robust recruiting features. 

Workforce planning features are only available on paid plans. These can include customizable pipeline stages, custom roles and permissions, candidate nurture campaigns, and recruiting pipelines. Workforce planning is not necessarily required to have a successful recruiting process, but it can help growing businesses better manage their workflow. 

Breezy HR's free Bootstrap plan offers the most basic candidate sourcing features that a startup will need to find qualified candidates. The free software lets you distribute job posts to more than 50 job boards to help you find the right talent. It imports candidate profiles with a Chrome sourcing extension, and it offers resume parsing, which is essential for organizing and managing candidates' resumes. The free software even comes with a branded careers site, which some paid services don't even offer. You can add on paid features like SMS text messaging and a sourcing database as needed. 

If you need more advanced candidate sourcing capabilities, you can upgrade to one of Breezy HR's paid plans. They come with a variety of features, like candidate automations, candidate questionnaires, customizable scorecards, automated reference checking, employee referral portals, external recruiter portals and assessment integrations.  

Although the majority of Breezy HR recruiting features are disabled with the free plan, it does offer essential features like interview self-scheduling, GDPR compliance and automation. These are great for pushing your candidates through the hiring process and maintaining compliance along the way. On the paid plans, you can access advanced applicant tracking features like video assessments, customizable interview guides, task management and even background screening integrations (which many competitors don't offer). The paid software also integrates with your email platform and calendar for easier communication. 

Employee onboarding features are only for paid plans. These helpful options can include job approvals, offer management and offer approvals. Some paid plans also come with e-signature capabilities, which can help you virtually onboard your new employees as soon as possible. 

Reporting and analytics are also only available on paid plans. If you are only hiring one employee, you likely won't need reporting and analytics features, but as your business grows, recruiting data can be especially helpful for streamlining your recruiting process and increasing hiring efficiency. Every Breezy HR paid plan provides access to real-time analytics and reporting, as well as EEO and OFCCP reporting. The most advanced plan allows for custom analytics and reporting. 

You access Breezy HR's recruiting software through an easy-to-use dashboard. The information displayed on the home dashboard is tailored to whomever is logging in. If you have a paid plan, you can integrate the software with programs you may already use, like Slack and HRIS, to make the recruiting process even easier. 

Breezy HR offers a mobile app for iOS and Android users. Mobile recruiting is increasingly common, but not all recruiting software has a mobile app, so it's good to see software that lets you access it on the go. 

Key takeaway: The free plan has basic features like job post distribution, resume parsing, a branded careers site, interview self-scheduling, GDPR compliance and automation. 

Although free recruiting software always has limitations, Breezy HR's free version comes with some great features. One of the biggest benefits is its resume parsing feature, which automatically stores and analyzes resumes to see how well they match what you're seeking in a candidate. Many competitors do not offer resume parsing with their free software, but it can play a key role in finding the right candidate.    

On the free plan, you can also take advantage of the branded careers site feature to create your own careers webpage in addition to posting on third-party job sites. Some competitors don't even offer branded career pages on their paid plans, so this is a great benefit. A branded careers site can help to promote your employer brand and encourage top candidates to apply.  

Another major advantage to using Breezy HR's recruiting software is the ability to scale your plan as your business grows. If you are just starting out and have very basic recruiting needs, a free plan may be a good option for you, but keep in mind that all free recruiting software on the market has limited recruiting abilities. Instead of strictly offering a free plan with limited capabilities (like some competitors do), Breezy HR allows users to start with the free plan (adding on paid features if they need) and upgrade to a paid plan when they need more advanced recruiting features. 

Key takeaway: Breezy HR is one of the only companies that offers resume parsing and a branded careers site with its free recruiting software. You also have the ability to scale to a paid plan as your needs grow. 

Like any free software, Breezy's free recruiting software has many limitations. For example, Breezy HR disables many of its recruiting features that help with workforce planning, applicant tracking and employee onboarding on its free plan. It also restricts free plan users from accessing its reporting and analytics features. You should carefully assess your recruiting needs before signing up for free or paid recruiting software. If you only need a simple hiring solution for one employee at a time, this free solution may be for you – but most small businesses benefit from a paid plan. 

Key takeaway: Breezy HR's free plan disables many of its recruiting features that help with workforce planning, applicant tracking, employee onboarding and reporting. 

Whether you sign up for a free or paid plan, you can expect great customer support from Breezy HR. You can access an online knowledgebase, video tutorials, and weekly webinars, and every plan comes with live chat and email support. Advanced plans offer increased support, like live software setup and training, priority support, phone support, and a dedicated account manager. 

To test the customer support, we reached out to representatives over the live chat, posing as small business owners needing free recruiting software. Support agents were very detailed and helpful in their responses. The chat was slightly delayed at first, but we received all the information we needed, without feeling pressured to sign up. Overall, we were happy with the level of support Breezy HR provides. 

Key takeaway: Breezy HR has great customer service. Every plan comes with live chat and email support, although some additional support features are reserved for advanced plans.

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