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GoSmallBiz Review

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks

GoSmallBiz is ideal business plan software for startups. The software has all of the tools that new entrepreneurs need to create a business plan that will guide them toward success. It features a wide selection of industry-specific templates, a step-by-step wizard that walks you through each portion of the plan and all of the financial tools needed to make your case for why your business will be a success. GoSmallBiz also provides access to various added services that startups are sure to find valuable, including a website builder, unlimited business consultation and a digital marketing dashboard. It's because of all this and more that GoSmallBiz is our choice as the best business plan software for startups. 



The Verdict

GoSmallBiz is our choice as the best business plan software for startups because of its industry-specific templates and a step-by-step wizard. It also gives you access to service startups needs, including a website builder and business consultations.

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GoSmallBiz Pricing 

GoSmallBiz offers two pricing options. You have the option to pay for just the business plan software or to add access to all of the other services GoSmallBiz offers. Neither option requires a long-term contract. You can pay month to month and cancel at any time. 

The cost of the business plan software on its own is $14.95 per month. You have the option of paying for a year in advance for $99. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The costs for access to all of what GoSmallBiz has to offer is $39 per month. For $25 more per month, you can tap into the platform's unlimited business consultation, website builder, CRM with email marketing, HR document builder, business and legal forms, website consultation analysis, risk assessment, online business courses, transaction tracker, and corporate minutes writer. 

If you want a sneak peek at GoSmallBiz's platform, you can demo the software on its website. This will give you an idea of how easy the software is to use and everything it has to offer. 

GoSmallBiz Features 

GoSmallBiz provides entrepreneurs with all of the tools to create a comprehensive business plan. The software will ensure you have a complete document that will serve you well as you continue your efforts to launch your venture and throughout the process of starting and growing your business. These are some of the features we think startups will find most valuable. 


GoSmallBiz's business plan software offers a wide selection of templates that give you an excellent starting point for your plan. What's nice is that there are multiple industry-specific options. This ensures that the template you choose is related to your business and won't require much alteration in terms of structure and format. 

Step-by-Step Wizard

GoSmallBiz never leaves you wondering what section you need to work on next. The wizard carefully walks you through each question you need to answer and each part of the plan that requires attention. This guidance is great for those who have never put a business plan together and don't know what is expected. 

Financial Projections

The key component of any good business plan is your financial projections. Unless you plan to open a not-for-profit company, your business plan has to show how your new venture is going to make money. You need to break down the key financial metrics that businesses need to succeed, like revenue, expenses and cash flow. GoSmallBiz has all of the tools to easily create the financial statements your business plan needs. You can do all of this without a financial or accounting background or any special spreadsheet software. GoSmallBiz will help you perform a sales and profit analysis; create income, cash flow and balance sheets; and see multiyear financial projections. 


Once you input all of your financial data, you can run a wide range of reports based on that information. Reports the software can run for you include balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, head count, salary-related expenses, sales analysis, capital expenditures in startup, gross profit analysis, product revenue and cost, service revenue and cost, administrative cost,  professional revenue and cost, administrative cost, and sales and marketing cost.


Besides all of the valuable features and tools GoSmallBiz offers, there is a lot to like about the software. One big benefit is the accompanying expert videos. You can tap into the on-demand videos to better understand what each section of your business plan requires. A real CEO, with more than 20 years of experience, offers his take on what each section should include. Hearing from someone directly about what is needed is a nice touch that not all of the software options we considered offer. 

What really makes GoSmallBiz stand out for startups is all the added services it offers. This platform offers so much more than just business plan software. The software serves as your foundation, while the other services allow you to tap into other programs that will help you start your business off on the right foot. You get access to 10 additional programs and services for just $25 more per month. 

One of the most important services GoSmallBiz offers is unlimited business consultation. This can be as an important resource when you run into any issues with either starting your business or growing it after it's up and running. You can ask an unlimited number of questions, with answers guaranteed within two days. 

Other services you have access to are a website builder, customer relationship manager, digital marketing dashboard, website analysis, HR document builder, corporate minutes writer, business document library, risk assessment and a transaction tracker. You also have the option of logging in to the platform's business learning courses. The on-demand videos, hosted by industry experts, allow you to learn about various topics at your own pace. 


While there is a lot to like about GoSmallBiz, there are a couple of factors you definitely want to consider before signing up for the service. One potential downside is that each subscription only includes two licenses. This means that only two people can contribute to the business plan creation. If you have more founders than that, then you will have to pay additional $5 per month for more user licenses. Some of the other software we analyzed includes access for more contributors. 

We were also a little disappointed in the level of information GoSmallBiz provides about its business plan software on its website. It would have been nice to learn a bit more about what the software offers without having to reach out directly to the company. Additionally, while you can log in to a demo version of the software, it doesn't have all the same functionality as the real version. The demo version limits you in the number of tools and features you can play around with. 

Customer Support 

We were very pleased with the service we received from GoSmallBiz. To test the level of support GoSmallBiz offers, we contacted the company by phone, posing as an entrepreneur interested in the business plan software. The representative we spoke with was extremely helpful. They explained to us everything the business plan software offers, how it works, and how you can purchase it as a stand-alone subscription or as part of the entire platform. At no time did they try to pressure us into signing up for the service. Instead, they encouraged us to check out the demo option on the website to get a feel for how the platform operates. 

You can contact GoSmallBiz by phone or email between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday. If you would rather learn about the software on your own, the company's website has a number of helpful materials. The online support section includes answers to a wide range of questions on how the software works and the features and tools available. 


Editor's note: Do you need help writing your business plan? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs. 

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The Verdict

GoSmallBiz is our choice as the best business plan software for startups because of its industry-specific templates and a step-by-step wizard. It also gives you access to service startups needs, including a website builder and business consultations.

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
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