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BizPlan Review

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks

While business plans can serve as a guide to future success, for many entrepreneurs, the main priority in creating these documents is to attract investors. Having a well-crafted business plan that lays out a roadmap to financial success is critical toward finding people to invest money in your idea. Bizplan by not only gives you the tools to create a business plan that can help you make a strong financial case, it also helps connect you with those who are looking to invest in new businesses. Besides having access to the business plan software, Bizplan's monthly subscription gives users access to Fundable, a crowdsourcing platform. It's because of this, and more, that Bizplan is our choice as the best business plan software for raising capital. 



The Verdict

Bizplan is our choice as the best business plan software for raising capital because besides providing you with all of the tools needed to create a professional business plan, it also helps connect with potential investors via Fundable.

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Bizplan Pricing 

Bizplan offers three pricing options: monthly, annual and lifetime. Regardless of which option you select, you get access to everything Bizplan has to offer. That includes all of the software tools, as well as access to the crowdsourcing platform Fundable and the customer acquisition platform Launchrock. You also can tap into the platform's online courses and get feedback from a community of startup experts. 

The three pricing options are 

  • Monthly: $29
  • Annual: $20.75; billed annually
  • Lifetime: $349 

Bizplan does not offer a free trial or money-back guarantee. 

Bizplan Features 

Bizplan offers several valuable features that make help with creating a thorough business plan. Here are the ones that stood out the most to us. 

Step-by-Step Builder

Bizplan's software walks you through each portion of the business plan step by step. Instead of trying to figure out where to start or what to focus on next, Bizplan breaks your business plan draft into small pieces, allowing you to focus on one task at a time. This helps ensure you don't become overwhelmed by the creation process. 


Bizplan uses a drag-and-drop template that allows you to see what potential sections you may need; you then decide exactly which ones you want to add to your plan. Different elements the template lets you add include content, team, reports, problem, advantages, market size and chart. When you want to add one of these elements into the plan, you simply drag and drop it in.  

Progress Tracker

A nice aspect of the software is the progress tracker tool. Each time you complete a section, it is marked as complete. You can refer back to the progress tracker to see what you have accomplished and what is still left to finish. You see at all times the percentage of completeness for each step, as well as the plan as a whole. This can help keep you focused on the end goal. 

Financial Projections

Getting the financial aspect of your business plan down pat is key. Bizplan gives you all of the tools needed to help you present a solid financial case for why your new business will be a successful one. All you need to do is enter in the projected numbers for things like expenses and revenue, and the software generates the projections and reports you need. 

There is a salary forecast that has you enter in current salaries and project increases, and the software automatically creates a salary forecast report. We like that all you have to do is input a few key financial data points, and the software handles all of the calculations for you and presents them in an easy-to-understand way. 


Based on your financial data, Bizplan can provide you with a wide range of reports, such as 

  • The balance sheet
  • Cash flow
  • Capital expenditures
  • Income statement
  • Funding
  • Inventory
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Projected revenue
  • Cost of revenue
  • Expenses
  • Working capital
  • Break-even analysis
  • Ratios 

You can pick the report you want to see, examine the data by month, quarter, or year, and download it via a CSV file. 


Besides the fact that Bizplan is so easy to use, the other major benefit to this software is everything else you get access to. Most importantly is the ability to tap into the crowdsourcing platform Fundable for no extra charge. You can create your business plan and share it on Fundable to try and find investors. Having this direct access to potential funding sources is something we didn't find with any of the other business plan software options we considered. 

In addition to Fundable, Bizplan users can take advantage of the hundreds of available online courses. There are a range of topics users can dig into, including what it's like to be a founder, idea valuation, business planning, product development, customer acquisition, culture creation, finding funding and startup financing. also features an online community that subscribers can use to ask questions about starting and running a business, and join in on discussions with others who are in your same shoes. Other software users have access to include Clarity, which provides advice from 20,000 mentors; Launchrock, which gives you the tools to build an online marketing page; and Zirtual, a virtual assistant service for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small teams. None of the other software programs we examined offered access to these many different services for no additional cost. 


One potential negative to Bizplan is that they don't offer a free trial or online demo of the software. Before you commit, even if it is only going to be for a month, it would be nice to at least give the software a test run. While you can find some demo videos online via other outlets, we would have preferred if Bizplan provided this directly to potential users. 

Another downside to Bizplan is that while you are given an option to contact the support team by phone, no number is actually provided. Instead of being able to call the company directly, you can only click a link to make a Skype call. This is inconvenient for those who don't have a Skype account or those who would rather make a traditional phone call. There is, however, a live chat option that we found to be pretty helpful. 

Customer Support 

To test the level of support Bizplan offers, we contacted the company by live chat posing as an entrepreneur interested in business plan software. Our questions were immediately fielded by a helpful representative. While we would have preferred more detail with the answers we received, by the end of the chat, we sufficiently understood how the software worked. 

We definitely would have preferred the option to speak to someone directly over the phone, but as we discussed above, the only way to do so was via a Skype call and not over the phone. Besides live chat and Skype calls, you can reach the support team by email and filling out an online ticket. 

What we like about the support Bizplan offers is that its website answers many questions users may have. The website's support page features answers to questions on a range of topics, such as how to get started, how to customize your plan, how to handle the financial portion of the business plan and how to publish your plan online for others to see. 

Editor's note: Do you need help writing your business plan? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

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The Verdict

Bizplan is our choice as the best business plan software for raising capital because besides providing you with all of the tools needed to create a professional business plan, it also helps connect with potential investors via Fundable.

Chad Brooks
Chad Brooks
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