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The Highest-Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins

Tech companies and healthcare-related occupations offer the highest pay.

  • With the median base salary in the U.S. at $53,950, physicians make more than 3.5 times as much at $193,415.
  • Highly skilled jobs are harder to fill in the U.S., causing employers to offer higher compensation in order to attract and keep top talent.
  • Jobs dealing in data analysis and management offer the most money.

Searching for a job usually means finding a company that's not only looking for your skillset but also wants to do everything it can to keep you. While great employee retention usually includes benefits or perks that make the job more enticing, compensation remains one of the major reasons for taking and staying at one job over another.

If you're looking to find one of the highest-paying jobs, you need to get into the healthcare and tech industries, according to a newly released study.

Earlier today, Glassdoor released its list of the 25 Highest-Paying Jobs and Companies in America for 2019, which examined salary data provided by U.S.-based workers between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019. Citing an increasingly worker-friendly job market that's starved for skilled labor, researchers said job seekers today "sit in the driver's seat for finding their next dream job."

While the following listings are based on the site's median base salaries for each position and do not take education requirements into account, Glassdoor's findings highlight the importance of skilled labor.

Highest-salaried jobs in America in 2019

When looking at the data for individual jobs, the first thing that stands out is the fact that the top four positions are in the healthcare industry. Without taking into account the years of education and additional hands-on learning required, physicians earned the highest entry-level annual pay at $193,415 while pharmacy managers ($144,768), dentists ($142,478) and pharmacists ($126,438) rounded out the following three spots.

While healthcare industry positions offered the highest salaries, tech jobs took up the majority of the list, with enterprise architects earning the fifth spot at $122,585 per year. Software engineering managers ($114,163) and software development managers ($109,809) were also among the highest-paid tech jobs.

Looking forward, researchers say pay for skilled workers will continue to climb. Glassdoor Senior Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell wrote that "we should continue to expect to see jobs like these continuing to pay top dollar since the demand for talent with these niche skill sets is still exceeding the supply of talent by quite a bit."

Here are the top 10 highest-paying positions in the U.S. in 2019:

  1. Physician ‒ $193,415
  2. Pharmacy manager ‒ $144,768
  3. Dentist ‒ $142,478
  4. Pharmacist ‒ $126,438
  5. Enterprise architect ‒ $112,585
  6. Corporate counsel ‒ $117,588
  7. Software engineering manager ‒ $114,163
  8. Physician assistant ‒ $113,855
  9. Corporate controller ‒ $113,368
  10. Software development manager ‒ $109,809

Visit Glassdoor to see its complete list of the 25 highest-paying positions in America in 2019.

Highest-paying companies in America in 2019

Our tech-obsessed world means major companies in that industry are naturally the ones with the deepest pockets. As such, it's no surprise that tech companies comprise a large portion of the highest-paying companies on Glassdoor's list.

According to Stansell, Glassdoor took the average base pay, as well as other forms of compensation like trips, commissions and bonuses, into account.

The top three highest-paying companies according to Glassdoor had an average salary of more than $160,000, according to Stansell. Palo Alto Networks was the top company on the list with $170,929. Computer component manufacturer NVIDIA and social media platform Twitter followed with $170,068 and $162,852, respectively.

Along with the tech industry, researchers found that consulting and finance outfits also populated the list, with firms like McKinsey & Company ($145,367) and BNP Paribas ($140,056) making the cut. Biotech and gaming companies also made it on the list.

"In today's labor economy, these companies are offering high salaries in order to attract top-notch candidates and stand out against the competition," Stansell wrote. "We expect to see these companies continuing to offer competitive salaries in the future so they can continue to appeal to prospective candidates and retain their current employees."

Here are the top 10 highest-paying companies in the U.S. in 2019:

  1. Palo Alto Networks ‒ $170,929
  2. NVIDIA ‒ $170,068
  3. Twitter ‒ $162,852
  4. Gilead Sciences ‒ $162,210
  5. Google ­‒ $161,254
  6. VMware ‒ $158,063
  7. LinkedIn ‒ $157,402
  8. Facebook ‒ $152,962
  9. Salesforce ‒ $150,379
  10. Microsoft ‒ $148,068

Visit Glassdoor to its complete list of the 25 highest-paying companies in America in 2019.

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