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B&B Reporting Inc.

Best Technology

A Business News Daily Review

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After much research and analysis, we recommend B&B Reporting Inc. as the background check service with the best technology. 

Your business, regardless of the industry it is in, can benefit from incorporating background checks into the hiring process. Background checks provide you, the business owner, with important information about a potential employee, such as any potential criminal history, their education and employment history, and it can verify any professional licenses they hold.

When choosing a background check service, it's important to ensure the technology they use to conduct background checks is accurate and that it complies with Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements.

Based on our research, B&B Reporting Inc.'s cloud-based platform offers businesses a convenient and secure way to order and review background checks. The platform has a few built-in steps and features to ensure that background checks comply with FCRA regulations. Other features streamline the process of requesting and receiving the results of background checks.

There were three features, in particular, that impressed us with B&B Reporting Inc. First, the platform's dashboard provides you with a central location where you can submit orders for new checks, view the status of existing orders, and you can also access completed reports. B&B Reporting's platform keeps you up to date through each step of the background check process. You receive notifications providing estimated time frames for reports that you've ordered as well as when a report is completed. Second, B&B Reporting's platform utilizes e-invitations so applicants provide their personal info and electronically consent to the background check. This is important because it helps ensure that your business has complied with FCRA requirements. Third, the company has an adverse action process, so that if negative information about a candidate comes to light, you can either manage the follow-up process yourself or B&B Reporting can handle that for you.

To understand how we selected our best picks, you can view our methodology, as well as a comprehensive list of background check services, on our best picks page.

B&B Reporting Inc. does not charge a setup fee or require users to commit to monthly minimums. And unlike other services that offer preset screening packages, B&B Reporting Inc. allows users to build their own customized screenings for each job candidate. Because its services are customized based on what clients need, as well as other factors like the jurisdiction searches are conducted in, it does not list its pricing online.

When we reached out to B&B Reporting Inc. to inquire about pricing, we were provided with suggested screening plans that ranged in price from $12.95 to $39.95, which is less expensive than most of the agencies we evaluated. With B&B Reporting's billing policy, services rendered are billed the following month. So, for example, if you run three screenings in June, you will be billed on July 1.

Here's more about the searches you can conduct with B&B Reporting Inc.:

  • Includes: Sex offender registry, Social Security number validation, address history, Office of Foreign Assets Control and all aliases
  • Reports include: Date of arrest, case number, disposition date, degree of charges and inmate records
  • Reports include: Date of arrest, case number, disposition date, disposition verdict, degree of charges and charge
  • Reports include: Date of arrest, case number, disposition date, disposition verdict, degree of charge and the actual charge
  • Reports include: Violations, such as tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, immigration law violations, postal offenses, interstate drug trafficking, arms violations, kidnapping, and other federal crimes
  • Public records searches
  • Professional reference check
  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Motor vehicle records check
  • License and professional certification verification
  • Employment credit checks

Editor's NoteLooking for information on background check services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

Setting up your account with B&B Reporting Inc. is a simple process, but before you can get started, first you need to complete a basic form posted on the agency's website. You'll need to provide your name, company name, contact details, business type and the nature of your inquiry. A representative will contact you and work with you to discuss your search options, pricing, and to help set up your account.

When you are ready to order background checks, you access B&B Reporting Inc.'s online portal. The platform is easy to use – it has more than 2,000 configuration options that you can use to customize the background check process to suit your business. The agency also gives you access to automated forms and data collection, which further streamlines the ordering process and the amount of work involved in collecting data about employees. One nice feature with B&B Reporting's software is that candidates can link their profiles to job descriptions, which reduces the amount of data entry required by your staff, plus it improves the overall accuracy of the application, in addition to simplifying your company's onboarding process.

For business clients, the online dashboard displays the current status of job applicants and the reports you've ordered. B&B Reporting alerts you whenever there is a new development with a background check you've ordered, providing estimated time frames when a screening will be completed as well as when a report is completed.

B&B Reporting Inc. has helpful resources on its website that explain their service, the searches you can conduct, and how it complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Drivers Privacy Protection Act. You can contact customer support representatives by phone, email, plus there's an online contact form and live chat feature.

To evaluate B&B Reporting Inc.'s service we contacted the company, posing as a small business owner interested in hiring B&B Reporting Inc. We were pleased with the service we received.

When we reached out via live chat, a support agent asked a few general questions, noted our contact info and said a sales rep would reach out within the hour. Within minutes, a B&B Reporting rep returned our call, answered our questions, and asked a few of his own. Once he understood what we were looking for in a background check service, he suggested several screenings that would satisfy our needs. He clearly explained the screening options and why we would likely need each one.

When you sign up with B&B Reporting Inc, you are assigned an account manager who will answer questions you have about the service, the screening process and the results of a background check, etc.

B&B Reporting Inc. is an accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), the official accrediting agency of the background check industry. Accreditation lasts five years, after which a company must undergo the process again to remain accredited.

B&B Reporting is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. There are currently no complaints filed against the company on the BBB website.

One potential downside of B&B Reporting, Inc. is the lack of transparency with its pricing. Many competitors post pricing on their websites so business clients can at least get a ballpark idea of the cost of certain types of background checks. While it's certainly not a deal-breaker, it can be inconvenient for business owners who want to quickly compare prices between multiple competitors.

The length of the application may also be a drawback for business owners who need to quickly order and complete background checks. However, the customized screenings and customized price quotes may outweigh any concerns about the duration of the application process.

Editor's NoteLooking for information on background check services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

Skye Schooley

Skye Schooley is an Arizona native, based in New York City. After receiving a business communication degree from Arizona State University, she spent nearly three years living in four states and backpacking through 16 countries. During her travels, Skye began her blog, which you can find at www.skyeschooley.com. She finally settled down in the Northeast, writing for business.com and Business News Daily. She primarily contributes articles about business technology and the workplace, and reviews remote PC access software and collection agencies.