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Fiverr Launches Collaborative Tool for Freelancers

Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins

After today, freelancers can work together to tackle big jobs using Fiverr Studio.

  • Fiverr Studios launches today. With it, small businesses can hire multiple freelancers to work on a complex task.
  • Freelancers can be from multiple disciplines to cover various aspects of a project.
  • Since its creation, Fiverr has served more than 5.5 million businesses with more than 50 million transactions.

If you're a small business owner with a big project on the horizon, a new option just opened up that could make it easier to fill operational gaps using freelance help. Starting today, the popular online marketplace for freelancers known as Fiverr launched its Studios product, which officials say is positioned to help freelancers collaborate on complex assignments.

Touted as a "transformative product" in a growing gig economy, Fiverr representatives said the new service will create more opportunities for freelancers and employers alike. Under the new service, freelancers can join a company's "studio" to "create projects combining their different skills and experience to offer full-service solutions to tackle larger and more complex assignments for businesses."

Hila Klein, Fiverr's chief operating officer, said the company's new service is a way for its community to "connect, create and collaborate on a global scale."

"Studios is the natural evolution of the Fiverr platform," she said. "Today, we have elevated our marketplace from a platform of single contributor gigs to teams of talented freelancers collaborating as a small agency to serve all businesses."

Since its inception in 2010, Fiverr has served as a platform where freelancers can offer their services and then be hired by individuals, small businesses and enterprises looking for someone to complete a specific task.

Over the years, the Tel Aviv-based company has grown to become a force in the online gig economy, with more than 830,000 freelancers, or "sellers," from 160 countries offering their skills in 200 categories.

"[Studios] is an amazing opportunity for sellers and buyers alike to work on, and have complex projects completed with the same frictionless experience they are used to getting with Fiverr," said Klein.

What Fiverr Studios means for freelancers

Freelancers on Fiverr will have the opportunity to not only join Studios, which allows a group of people to band together to offer more complete services, but they can become a Studio Lead.

Along with the service's ease of use, Fiverr officials said Studios provides "richer services" right out of the gate. In one example, officials said a studio could be created when "a content strategist [chooses] to team up with a writer and a graphic designer to offer a comprehensive content marketing deliverable, which could include building out a strategic plan, designing and/or writing, and delivering the content, all using different freelancers, but with a single point of contact."

Further, under Fiverr's Studio structure, each member can focus on their work without worrying about billing, invoicing or managing payments.

How Fiverr Studios can help SMBs

When it comes to collaboration, communication is key. Fiverr representatives said Studios affords businesses of all sizes the "same advantages as if they're working with a small creative agency in the offline world." Since small businesses don't usually have the funding on hand to pay for the help of a specialized creative team, Fiverr's e-commerce approach could be an appealing and affordable way to approach a project that needs specialized expertise.

Since Fiverr is all online, officials said Studios will allow companies to know at a glance who is working on what and how long each task should take. Businesses will also be able to determine a fixed price.

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Andrew Martins
Andrew Martins
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