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6 SurveyMonkey Alternatives for Your Small Business

Scott Koegler

These survey tools can help collect important information on your business from customers.

Surveys are everywhere. Every online purchase wants to be evaluated. Your doctor wants to know how they did on your last visit. Then there are the general-purpose "which do you like best" surveys and the political opinion surveys. If you've ever wanted to create your own survey, you have a multitude of options, the most popular being SurveyMonkey.

Some of these survey tools offer extensive integration with applications you may already use, and the range of capabilities can get confusing because each offering has its own strengths and weaknesses. For basic customer service surveys, any one of the following solutions will work. Be sure to think through your intentions and how you expect to use the results before you commit too much time to any one of them. Each of these tools offers a free version, or at least a free trial, so you can familiarize yourself with its basics. One of them, QSM, breaks from the pack by being free with a very capable set of tools – as long as you have a WordPress site to host it.

Here's our rundown on our six favorite SurveyMonkey alternatives.

Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is part of Zoho's suite of applications, so its integrations with the Zoho spreadsheet and CRM applications extend its utility. Like many survey applications, Zoho Survey offers a free version that is limited to 10 questions and 100 answers but offers an unlimited number of surveys. Paid versions start at $20 per month, but for $25 per month, the Pro version adds capabilities that any serious survey maker will want, such as exporting results and integrating with Tableau.

Formatting is simple enough with drag-and-drop question placement, and there are more than 25 question formats to choose from. The application offers real-time reports and multiple forms of analysis to discover trends and dig into results. Zoho Survey is capable, easy to use and ideal for users already committed to the Zoho suite of software.


SurveySparrow offers a no-cost version of its survey platform that's limited to three surveys of 10 questions and 100 responses per month as a way for you to learn and evaluate its capabilities. Its paid versions have more functionality, including logic, skipping, piping and webhooks to integrate with external systems. The Premium version allows unlimited responses and questions for $49 per month, but users who want to customize the design with custom CSS will need the Enterprise version for $199 per month.

SurveySparrow's paid versions also include email responses and highly customizable visuals to enhance the user experience. Integration is available through webhooks, SurveySparrow's API and Zapier's extensive integration library, which offers connections with CRMs, HMRs and more.


SoGoSurvey's free tier offers unlimited surveys with unlimited questions, but only 200 responses per year, which makes it good for learning about the system's capabilities but not for serious use. Paid versions expand the capabilities with options like skip logic, randomized questions, custom invitation emails, and extended question types in the company's Pro plan for $40 per month.

Various survey templates, prebuilt questions and different question types make SoGoSurvey quick and easy to set up, execute, and eventually report on. Export and integration is a strong point of the system's paid versions, which include direct export to SoGoSurvey1, Microsoft Access, SPSS, XML and Zapier.


QuestionPro's free tier offers unlimited surveys, each with up to 10 questions, but is limited to 100 responses per month. The Professional version offers skip logic and piping as well as theme customization for $15 per month. Serious use starts with its Corporate version for $75 per month, which adds integration capabilities with SPSS and API, along with an advanced selection of question types.

QuestionPro offers a variety of templates to help you start designing your surveys based on QuestionPro's experience. A special iPad app and multimedia support are only available at the Corporate tier, as are branching logic and customizable survey themes.


GetFeedback specifically targets customer service feedback, but that doesn't preclude users from creating surveys to collect other information. The free 14-day trial version is available for all subscription tiers, starting at $50 per month for the Professional plan, which includes 1,000 responses per month, branching logic and basic reports. The Advanced version, available for $150 per month, ups the responses to 1,500 per month and removes the GetFeedback branding from your surveys.

The Corporate level expands capabilities with API integration and advanced analytics, and GetFeedback offers integration with Salesforce at its top level. To get pricing for either the Corporate or Salesforce tier, you must consult a GetFeedback sales associate.

Quiz and Survey Master for WordPress (QSM)

Quiz and Survey Master is a WordPress plugin, making it a viable option for businesses with WordPress websites. The plugin is free, so your company could set up a WordPress site exclusively for hosting QSM. QSM allows an unlimited number of surveys and responses, and it can email users and admins upon completion of a survey. It's limited to 10 question types and doesn't include skip logic, though.

QSM offers a series of add-ons starting at $10 each, also available as a bundle for $98 per year. In addition to skip logic, there are add-ons to remove QMS branding, add landing pages, run reports and export results. Integrations are available for Mailchimp, Slack, AWeber, MailPoet and Zapier for even more connections.

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